Jump Into The Cyber-World With Fused, The Computer Network Puzzle Solver

From the creative mind of Ironsmith Studios comes a Tron-style computer puzzle game that has players solving in-network errors and discovering why the mega-popular SkyStar Systems has crashed.

Check out the colourful neon puzzle adventure found in the debut title from the single-man indie developer, Ironsmith Studios, in the trailer below:

Inside A Digital World

Travel through circuit boards in a stunning 3D modelled world and fix a variety of bugs, short circuits and find your way around barriers to solve puzzle after puzzle.

This computer system puzzle game has plenty to look forward to with an engaging premise and a beautifully crafted world:

  • Fixing the network can only be achieved by utilizing numerous abilities equipped by the Nano-byte problem solver, NF-01 – or Nigel – as it makes its way through the system.
  • Players have three different colour-coded abilities to help them on their quest of network cleaning: Red allows for passing through barriers, green gives access to launch pads and blue utilizes a speed boost.
  • The story behind the massive network failure can be uncovered by discovering data files randomly found throughout the system. Your job as Nigel is to fix the ongoing errors, then figure out the reasoning behind the attack.
  • Guided by the talkative, yet, courteous Nano-byte who will help navigate players through each system level brimming with internal problems.
  • As a part of a three-piece trilogy, Fused will find its way on PC with VR support, as well as the potential to land on consoles later down the line.

Fused is set to arrive on Steam on PC by Q2 of 2019, subsequently followed by two more titles set in the same universe.

Use Keen Detective Skills As A Paranormal Investigator In Apparition, Available Now On Steam

Prepare for a night of haunting chills as players take on the role of a paranormal investigator on the prowl for eerie and dangerous horrors that creep in the dark in the recently released spooky indie game, Apparition.

Fear not, with the Early Access launch comes a short, but fright-filled trailer:

Detective Horror, Early Access, and More

Played in a terrifying first-person view, Apparition will have players facing their fears in order to collect ghastly evidence from the spirit world or meet their demise.

Polish publisher, Fat Dog Games, has released the game in official Early Access on Steam to gather horror-loving fans before the official launch.

There are loads of spooky features packed into Apparition, so check out what to expect from the haunting release in the list below:

  • With a tense atmosphere, players will explore dark and terrifying areas in search for clues showing proof of the afterlife. The more evidence you find, the better equipment you’ll earn.
  • Armed only with your bravery, wit and camera players are rendered defenceless when face-to-face with a horrifying discovery.
  • The longer you take on investigating an area the more evidence will be captured. However, the area also becomes increasingly more dangerous with spiritual activity – and you can’t keep what you’ve captured you don’t live to tell about it.
  • Using an Ouija board, players can communicate with the dead leading to groundbreaking evidence, unlocking advanced equipment further allowing players to explore more haunting areas.

Stay updated with news on the game’s official Discord channel and don’t forget to keep your head on a swivel for the things that go bump in the night.

Open World RPG, Outward, Set To Release This February On Consoles/PC

Take on the uncanny role of an adventurer of Outward, the open world RPG where you are as vulnerable as every player drifting from one challenge to the next.

An all-too epic announcement trailer can be found below, which gives us only a small taste of what to expect from Outward:

Combine forces with other online or local players, or tackle the world solo as an adventurer with no given godly path to greatness, but merely the will to explore and succeed in a dangerous world.

Outward Details

With a recent stream of the game from the developers, there’s plenty of details revealed about the upcoming massive RPG:

  • While playing solo or online multiplayer is nothing new to the genre, Outward adds a unique split-screen co-op mode allowing players to explore the massive lands with a friend from the comfort of their own home.
  • Player’s don’t play as an all-powerful protagonist like most RPGs, but rather as a humble adventurer making a name for themselves and surviving by any means necessary.
  • The story changes with each playthrough as the narrative dips and dives through player decisions, successful accomplishments, or even forgettable failures – your story will continue with its very own twists and turns.
  • The battle system includes challenges from all over the vast open world with a powerfully unique magic system and engaging real-time combat.

Outward is set to hit the PS4, Xbox One and Steam on February 12th, 2019 both in physical and digital format.

Control Your Deadlines In The Newspaper Editorial Sim, Headliner: NoviNews, Available Now On Steam

Choose your stories, engage with your audience or create controversy as the Editor-in-Chief of the largest national newspaper in the recently released publication editing sim from Unbound Creations, Headliner: NoviNews.

Who knew running a newspaper publication could be so fun? Check out the awkwardly enticing gameplay trailer of Headliner below:

Players will put everything on the line to grab that top headline, meet the closing quota or report on the latest scandal as Headliner offers a unique take on the sim management genre.

“We live in a world of conflicting realities shaped by the media, and it’s not an easy web to untangle. Headliner: NoviNews explores not only the power of the media, but the challenges that come with wielding such power.” – Jakub Kasztalski, Game Director

Extra, Extra, Read All About The Details

Here’s are all of the details you can expect to discover as the head honcho of your very own newspaper publication:

  • Future editors will decide which stories to put in their publication, meet deadlines and scrounge for clicks by any means necessary – even if it incites controversy. More conflict means more eyes on your newspaper.
  • Determine the influence on the populace through political events, investigative reports and rising tensions all through your avatar home.
  • Aside from running your newspaper publication, players will engage and provide insightful help in multiple relationships outside of the paper business, such as health conditions for coworkers and the future of your brother’s career in comedy.
  • After important executive decisions have been made, the town will light up with public opinion showing how well received each story becomes and its effect on the populace.

Headliner: NoviNews has been officially released on Steam for players ready to set foot in the editing business and take on a new type of strategy game.

Indie Developer Delirma Releasing Two New Games, Priest Simulator And Faither, Out In 2019

Expect two new religious-themed games to release in 2019 from Polish game studio Delirma, Faither out midway through the year and Priest Simulator set to launch at the tail end.

Priest Simulator

Take on the role of the most trusted man in the village as you battle between right and wrong as a priest of a rather unsavoury convention.

You can check out some of the dirty deeds performed by the anti-hero in the official Priest Simulator trailer below:

The game offers players the option of solving spiritual dilemmas like confessions, preaching sermons or exorcisms in noble form, or think a bit more “outside” the box.

A Unique Simulation Experience

Here are some holier than thou details covering the upcoming religious sim title:

  • Played in the first person, players will explore a village of churchgoers and use their instincts – be it good or bad – to fix a variety of divine issues.
  • The main storyline blends with additional side quests which include the typical duties of a priest, but will also find players performing unusual battles with terrifying demons.
  • Priests will earn valuable income from their godly work and use currency for upgrades to your car, the church and demon-fighting weapons, or develop a laboratory for the production of incense and holy water.

“Life is the art of selecting the lesser evil. Such will also be the case in our game, where we will solve problems in different ways or not solve them at all.” – game creator, Michał Jod

You will be able to find Priest Simulator on the Steam Store with a set release date of December 25th, 2019.


While there’s not much on the second spiritual game from Dilerma, Faither offers a similar experience to Priest Simulator but is also said to have enough unique differences to create its own identity.

Dealing with the life of an exorcist, players will perform various acts of bravery in the face of evil and demonic possessions.

You can take a look at the rather colourful gameplay trailer for Faither here.

The Duties OF An Exorcist

With a light blend of RPG mechanics, incredibly artistic visuals and religious exploration, Faither will bring an entirely new experience to the PC.

There are plenty of details that separate Faither from Priest Simulator, which you can find below:

  • Fight against 30 different types of demons using holy artifacts and unique abilities as you explore an unrestricted world of freedom.
  • With a subtle blend of RPG elements, players can look forward to character progression across 4 altering skill trees, as well as expansive character customization.
  • Spend your time as an exorcist and set to save up to 50 different households from the grasp of demonic fate.
  • Players can enjoy Faither in single player or traditional split-screen co-op for an extra hand in exercising demons.

Look out for Faither to release on Steam mid-2019 on June 6th.

Dive Into 80s Inspired Shoot Em’ Up Action In, Space Toads Mayhem, Available On Steam

Dive into chaotic space shooting pandemonium faithfully inspired by the shmups of the retro 80 years in the new release from LimeVibe Games, Space Toads Mayhem.

There’s plenty of action, bullets and neon colour which can all be witnessed in the ripping gameplay trailer:

Hectic Space Shooting Carnage

Everything you need to prepare for in this hectic, bullet-riddled, vintage-styled shooter can be found in the bullets below:

  • Players dive headfirst into 5 blazing levels throwing waves of assaulting enemies swarming your gunship. Each level offers new traps, enemies and powerups to keep the gameplay lively throughout the duration of the campaign.
  • In classic top-down form, Space Toads Mayhem pits players against not only wave after wave of ravaging enemies but will see players up against the ultimate challenge – a massive game-ending boss fight.
  • If the normal campaign is too easy for the shmup veteran, players will have the option of taking on Hard, and even more punishing, Psycho difficulties, for a true challenge.
  • A unique approach to combat, enemies are gifted their own style of emotional behaviour with each type attacking at different times after spawning, keen to throw players off their game.

Players with an itchy trigger finger can find the vintage action shoot em’ up releasing on Steam on November 20th, 2018.

Vintage Coated RPG Game, Unleashed, Brings A Story Of Sins And Virtues, Available On Steam

Introducing a classic take on traditional RPG mechanics and attaching a few modern twists, Unleashed is a brand-new indie game from French developers, Yozamu.

Set in a world taken hostage by a vile curse, players will embark on a journey to save their dear mother from the primordial sins performed by the infected citizens.

With the recent release of Unleashed to PC, a launch trailer shows off the many different mechanics rooted within the lavish formula:

Sin Or Virtue? Unleashed Details

This old-school inspired role-playing game is absolutely loaded with features offering various tastes of different gaming elements, such as:

  • Players fight as Mercy, a female survivor unaffected by the ongoing curse who’s searching for her mother in a vast world ripe with exploration.
  • In a theme focusing heavily on sins and virtues, Mercy will utilize pieces of her pure soul to summon up to 10 spiritual creatures known as Achivara to fight for her in a traditional turn-based combat system.
  • Mercy may summon up to three Achivara in combat at once, allowing for a strategic method of creature swapping to pinpoint enemy weaknesses. Utilize powers of either sin or virtue to cast damage upon your foe, be it devilish monster or curse-riddled citizen.
  • Outside of combat players will explore the completely unlocked world of Mysteria, forage for randomly spawned valuable resources, craft items to be sold or repair houses for useful storage spaces.

You can try out Unleashed available on Steam today, or check out the official website for more in-depth details and images from the game.

Multiplayer Mech Shooter, Blazing Core – Knights Of The Future, Moves Into Early Access Phase

Suit up and hop into the latest mech destroying, tactical shooter from Octobox Interactive, Blazing Core – Knights of the Future.

Check out what you’ll be getting yourself into in the alpha gameplay footage shown below:

Blazing Core offers players a variety of gameplay elements in a strategic 3v3 or 6v6 competition. Customize your deadly mech suit with a wide array of weapons and equipment, enhance your experience with unique abilities and take on one of the many roles offered in battle.

An Updated Blazing Core Experience

Here’s everything new you can expect in the latest build of the game:

  • Tear the environment apart in the completely reworked Maya map offering destroyable objects, reworked lighting effects and new locations like shelters and unique lore opportunities.
  • A brand-new quest system has been added offering players the chance to earn special rewards for completing daily and weekly jobs.
  • Modified rewards system which allows players to earn greater rewards the better they play.
  • Knights no longer bear their own banner as they enter battle, now utilizing the newly added banner-bearing drone to escort you in combat.

You can sign up for the Early Access phase which will last for a total of six months by purchasing a copy of the game for £13.99 / €17.99 / $17.99.

Head on over to Blazing Core’s Steam page and get started in the mech crushing, tactical shooting mayhem.

Test Your Luck In The Upcoming Card Battle Roguelite Endless Road

Shanghai Developers, Octopus Pig, announced the release of their unique turn-based card battle game mixed with a subtle blend of roguelite adventure, Endless Road.

Check out the stylish visuals and interesting combination of gameplay mechanics below:

Endless Road is as much about luck as it is mental stamina with a slow approach to card battles randomly generated with every step your adventurer takes.

What Else?

Curious to know more? There’s plenty of key features in Endless Road detailed below:

  • Choose between four characters each with their own class which comes with special skills and equipment to help fight your way down the endless road.
  • Players travel through the adventure one step at a time with each step a possibility of triggering a random enemy encounter, in turn leading to a tactical turn-based card battle.
  • Special spells and blessings can be used on cards to help boost your offensive and defensive manoeuvres to match up against enemy strengths and weaknesses.
  • Throughout the journey, players must help maintain various character traits of survival, such as mental state, stamina and hunger.

Endless Road is now available on Steam for PC players, receiving fresh updates since the game left its Early Access period.

Retro Inspired Action RPG, Immortal Darkness: Curse Of The Pale King, Lands On Steam Soon

Old-school adventure enthusiasts and newcomers looking for a dark fantasy RPG should prepare themselves for the impending release of Giant Space Monster’s debut release, Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King.

With the announcement of the upcoming launch date, check out the official announcement trailer showing off the polished visuals below:

Immortal Darkness Is An Ode To The Classics

Immortal Darkness comes off exactly as any die-hard Zelda/dark fantasy fan could hope for, combining eerie dungeon crawling with a rich narrative experience.

“In many ways it is a love letter to all the great RPGs we’ve played over the last few decades, whether on a game system or a tabletop.” – Damon DuBois, Lead Designer

Though simple in design, Immortal Darkness is loaded with intoxicating features for players looking for a vintage style adventure, such as:

  • With up to 15 different dungeon levels players will explore a dark world crammed with cunning traps and puzzles that will continuously push your mental stamina throughout the course of the game.
  • With real-time combat, you’ll spend much of your time fighting off vile monsters and other enemies with an ample amount of spells and tactical action gameplay.
  • Industry veterans are littered throughout the production of Immortal Darkness from the acclaimed writer from the Elder Scrolls series to fantasy visual artist Yigit Koroglu.
  • It appears from the trailer that players will have the unique ability to absorb health points from corpses which could provide a tactical advantage in combat.

Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King is gearing up for release on October 17th, 2018 on Steam.

Melancholic 2D Game, My Memory Of Us, Available For Pre-Order On Steam, PS4

News out of indie developers Juggler Games: the 2D puzzle adventure game, My Memory of Us, has officially become available for pre-order on both Steam and PS4.

A symbolic adventure between two childhood friends takes players across a dreary world set during the second great war, World War II. Fight against the struggles of occupation as two kids from alternating backgrounds do everything they can to stick together.

Below you can find the official gameplay trailer showing off the distinctive art style and game design:

My Memory of Us

Still not sold on My Memory of Us? Here are some key features you’ll find during your adventure:

  • The surreal take on real-life events showcases a familiar history lesson while managing to create an emotional story tied with powerful gameplay mechanics. Each event in the game is tied to real-life war stories from Warsaw.
  • Witness two children from two entirely different backgrounds bond and become friends through everything from stressful situations to unapologetic, playful encounters.
  • Players will have the option of either controlling each of the two children separately, or uniquely navigating both at the same time. Switch between the two with the touch of a button, or utilize special skills tied to each child.
  • Along with the trailer, there’s a slew of “Making Of” videos showcasing the design, story, sketched art style, programming, the two heroes and even the moody music.

Now that you’re interested (I think), you can pre-order a copy for Steam or PS4 (in EU only) before its official launch on October 9th, 2018. The game is also set to release on Xbox One, however, as of now it’s still under submission.

‘Souls’ Inspired Action Game, Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption, Slashes Its Way Onto Consoles/PC Later This Year

Brutally fend yourself off against the embodiments of the seven deadly sins in Dark Star Games’ upcoming action game, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption.

What looks like a byproduct straight out of the popular ‘Souls’ series, Sinner sees players as a gritty soldier, Adam, weighing heavily on his dark and mysterious past.

With the announcement of Sinner heading over to Discord, consoles and later on Steam, comes a barbaric launch trailer showing off various bosses. Check it out below:

A Road To Redemption

Here are some of the key features on the future release of Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption:

  • Take on the role of Adam and make a journey to become exonerated for his treacherous past littered with sins and loathsome crimes.
  • Driven along by a stirring soundtrack, players will dive head first into boss battles that manifest from the atrocious seven deadly sins, revealing Adam’s connections with each incarnation.
  • To mix up the combat system, players must permanently debuff their character before each boss battle by sacrificing a chosen body part. Sinner is meant to drive players insane with the increasingly difficult battles that never seem to let up.
  • For those who will brave their way through to the end, players will discover new pieces of equipment in New Game+ mode — adding a pinch of replayability.

Headed to the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on October 18th, 2018 and Steam shortly after. You can follow the game by joining Another Indie’s Discord group here.