Dive Into 80s Inspired Shoot Em’ Up Action In, Space Toads Mayhem, Available On Steam

Dive into chaotic space shooting pandemonium faithfully inspired by the shmups of the retro 80 years in the new release from LimeVibe Games, Space Toads Mayhem.

There’s plenty of action, bullets and neon colour which can all be witnessed in the ripping gameplay trailer:

Hectic Space Shooting Carnage

Everything you need to prepare for in this hectic, bullet-riddled, vintage-styled shooter can be found in the bullets below:

  • Players dive headfirst into 5 blazing levels throwing waves of assaulting enemies swarming your gunship. Each level offers new traps, enemies and powerups to keep the gameplay lively throughout the duration of the campaign.
  • In classic top-down form, Space Toads Mayhem pits players against not only wave after wave of ravaging enemies but will see players up against the ultimate challenge – a massive game-ending boss fight.
  • If the normal campaign is too easy for the shmup veteran, players will have the option of taking on Hard, and even more punishing, Psycho difficulties, for a true challenge.
  • A unique approach to combat, enemies are gifted their own style of emotional behaviour with each type attacking at different times after spawning, keen to throw players off their game.

Players with an itchy trigger finger can find the vintage action shoot em’ up releasing on Steam on November 20th, 2018.

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