About Nitchigamer

“Nitchi” [pronunciation: neet-she] in Japanese ニッチ – or “niche” in English. Welcome to Nitchigamer!

This is Nitchi, the anthropomorphic D-pad.

Nitchigamer: How Are You Different To All The Rest?

Good question. At Nitchigamer we value niche games loved by a cult following, obscure titles that might have no attention at all, or games that just scream ‘unique’ – that’s our area.

We make it our mission to focus on the little guys a bit more than others too: the game developers of tomorrow. That’s why you’ll find a free and dedicated indie dev directory on our site, front and centre, that highlights them. Discover their hidden gems, you may be surprised at what you find.

We aim to bring a more balanced approach to the ongoing world of video games and the many exciting stories that they tell. So in a nutshell, this is who we are:

  • We focus more on niche, independent, experimental games, or those we think are unique – a bit different, in other words.
  • We’re about video games more than anything else… You won’t find reviews of TV shows here.

We hope you enjoy reading Nitchigamer! Yes you, the one reading this sentence right about now.