About Nitchigamer

“Nitchi” [pronunciation: neet-she] in Japanese ニッチ – or “niche” in English. Welcome to Nitchigamer!

This is Nitchi, the anthropomorphic D-pad.

Nitchigamer: Yes, that is a smiling D-pad

We play obscure indies, Nintendo games, Sony titles, other gaming curios, and some AAAs for good measure.

In terms of well-known game series we specifically love, well, these really excite us:

• Ace Attorney
• Command & Conquer
• Resident Evil
• All of Super Mario
• LEGO games
• Donkey Kong
• Star Fox
• Advance Wars
• Fire Emblem
• Xenoblade
• Castlevania
• Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games
• Crash Bandicoot
• MediEvil

See you on YouTube. Let’s go!

Presenter: Sally Mettson