About Nitchigamer — Nintendo + Indie Games

“Nitchi” [pronunciation: neet-she] in Japanese ニッチ – or “niche” in English. Welcome to Nitchigamer!

This is Nitchi, the anthropomorphic D-pad.

Nitchigamer: How Are You Different?

Good question. Our video games blog values what we like to call the ‘other games’ — the alternative to the mainstream. In our case, we focus on Nintendo games, smaller indie games, and anything else that looks different.

Another way of putting it:

  • Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum. They usually create offbeat, highly original games in a family-friendly tone.
  • Indie games are often experimental, obscure, and hugely creative. Some of the freshest experiences today can be found in these games. For us, this includes AA titles that may go a bit under the radar. We cover these games across all platforms.

It’s an exciting group, that’s for sure. If you feel the same way, then you’re probably in the right place! Enjoy reading Nitchigamer. Yes you, the one reading this sentence right about now.