Ponyta VS Graveler – He Goes For A Roll!

One of my strange experiences on Pokémon…

The wild Pokémon Graveler gets stuck–the battle afterwards wasn’t allowed to finish either!

Nintendo Switch 2? Samsung Registers Design For A New Handheld Game Console

Samsung Display Co. Ltd has filed a design at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for a new ‘Electronic game console’. You can check it out below.

Samsung provided the OLED screen for the Switch OLED model last year. Could this be the Nintendo Switch 2, complete with a screen that folds in half? It would solve the portability problem, for one…

Top 5 Detective Games – Nintendo Switch (2020)

Looking to test your intellectual prowess? Here are 5 top detective games on the Nintendo Switch for 2020. Murders are afoot, folks!

There are always more detective games coming to Switch, so we’ll update this list when new challengers appear.

You can purchase AI: The Somnium Files on Nintendo Switch here.

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