Streets of Rage 4 – Nintendo Switch Lite (GAMEPLAY)

Here’s Streets of Rage 4 running on a Nintendo Switch Lite. It looks excellent on the Switch Lite overall and runs at 60fps.

This gameplay shows the first stage in the new game. Sega’s outstanding beat ’em-up series is finally back!


Lego City Undercover – 5 Lego Super Mario Easter Eggs – (Nintendo Switch)

Here’s how to find 5 Lego Super Mario easter eggs in Lego City Undercover on Nintendo Switch. The locations for each of them are included in this guide.

Here are the timestamps:

  • Bob-omb – 0:18
  • Cheep Cheep – 1:07
  • Bullet Bill – 1:42
  • Piranha Plant – 2:20
  • Wiggler – 3:02

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