The Subject Creeps Its Way Onto Steam

Strap in for a chilling adventure to unlock the horrors deep within the nefarious BioMass labs in the debut title from Darkstone Digital, The Subject.

The official release taking players through the haunting experience also comes armed with a nail-biting trailer:

Taking inspirations from the horror and sci-fi movie classics from the 1980s, The Subject presents a mindful first-person puzzle game with a heavy dose of fear around every corner.

“The Subject is the combination of all the things I wanted to work on while I was at larger studios, Sci-Fi and Horror with an 80s sci-fi movie influence visually.” – Brian Clarke, Darkstone Digital

The Subject Details

With a simple concept, yet, requiring a courageous sense of thrill, The Subject looks to offer tense feelings on top of rewarding gameplay. Check out the details below:

  • The dark first-person adventure found in The Subject takes players through complex puzzle solving and harrowing survival elements which lurk around every corner of the corrupt Biomass labs.
  • Use cunning wit to explore and solve a variety of environmental puzzles that unlock deeper areas in the game.
  • Be cautiously wary of the dangerous experimental monsters that creep throughout the laboratory as you attempt to discover the truth behind the nefarious corporation.
  • With no linear method to unravelling the game’s events, players explore the labs in a free roam method allowing for puzzles and areas to be completed in any order for a stirring, unpredictable experience.

The Subject is available now on Steam.

Step Into The Digitally Comical World Of Broken Reality, Available Now On Steam

Venture into the depths of the internet and experience a mischievous and otherwise peculiar journey in the upcoming indie title, Broken Reality.

The recent gameplay trailer shows us just how strange things might get on the adventure through the often ridiculous world of the internet:

“The gameplay is in itself a commentary on the state of the internet, social media, truth and more in the post-truth era, while also being a light-hearted parody of many famous internet sites, corporations, and activities.” – Sebastian Covacevich, Lead Game Designer

Within the sprawling world of the web browser, players will take on the role of a nameless user just getting warmed up to the modern computer system.

Unzipping All Of The Details

The satirical game takes users through a variety of web page obstacles, puzzles and tons of other challenges. Check out all of the details below:

  • With a large focus on humor, Broken Reality has players exploring the many pages of the internet. The first-person view allows players to navigate through what are naturally 2D websites now presented in 3D form.
  • Players will unlock plenty of unique, web-related tools to help them make their way through the internet, from pop-up ad-cutting katanas to teleporting with bookmarks, there’s much more to the cyberspace than meets the eye.
  • In true social media form, collecting coveted likes and improve your social ranking in the online world granting you further access deeper into the world-wide-web.
  • The unique visuals properly display the digital world of cyberspace through the eyes of a new user. Complimenting the computerized graphics is an equally dynamic soundtrack.

Players interested can hop into the digital cyberspace immediately as Broken Reality is available right now on Steam.

True 8-Bit Zelda Inspired Adventure Game Dawnthorn Arriving This Spring

Retro fans of the NES days can rejoice as the Zelda-like action-adventure game, Dawnthorn will bring nostalgic bliss this coming Spring.

From the makers of the 16-bit Kickstarter project, Hazelnut Bastille, Aloft Studio is releasing the 8-bit adventure Dawnthorn as a prequel in the series.

You can head on over to Hazelnut’s Kickstarter page for more information on that project, or check out the vintage-dipped trailer for Dawnthorn below:

The announced prequel takes players through a familiar experience for those remembering the early years of Link in colourful pixelated form.

What To Expect From The Retro Adventure, Dawnthorn

Here’s everything we’ve been able to uncover about Dawnthorn since the official reveal:

  • In true NES form, Dawnthorn inspires those wishing to dive back into the 8-bit visuals from some of gaming’s earliest years, equipped with the nostalgic flavour chiptune tracks and all.
  • The Zelda-like adventure game takes the genre to satisfying new heights with tons of unique weapons, dungeons filled with challenging puzzles and a colourful world ripe with exploration.
  • Unique abilities like creating giant bubbles, walking on water, instant dash and an array of projectile attacks are sure to keep the gameplay evolving into a thrilling retro adventure.
  • As a prequel to the upcoming SNES inspired 16-bit adventure, Hazelnut Bastille, fans will have the chance to dive into not one, but two vintage styled titles from indie developers Aloft Studios.

Dawnthorn is expected to release first on the PC in Spring of 2019 but plans to head over to the Switch and PS4 at a later date – as long as the game garners enough praise.

Beloved Flash Game Starcom Re-Invents Itself As Starcom: Nexus, An Epic Space RPG Adventure

Prepare to re-engage your thrusters and pilot your very own spaceship through the depths of the great beyond as the iconic Flash game from Wx3 Labs revives itself in, Starcom: Nexus.

For those unfamiliar with the wildly popular 2008 web browser action game, and one of the 2 million players fondly recalling endless hours poured into the space odyssey, check out the trailer below:

After ten years of existence, Starcom is back with a stunning reinvention as a standalone PC game after the original Flash game went on to create a cult following.

“…I didn’t think to give players a channel to reach out to me at the time. Still, many did find a way and asked if I had any plans for a sequel.” – Kevin Lin, Starcom Creator

What’s New In Starcom: Nexus?

Through a long development cycle started in 2014 and several closed betas since August 2018, Starcom: Nexus is ready to enter Early Access – and with it comes a variety of engaging features:

  • Players will take control of an agile spacecraft in a scenic top-down view and engage in heated space battles, universal exploration and riveting alien interaction.
  • With slick customizing options, pilots will equip their combat ships with bullet deflecting armour, powerful engines and devastating weaponry like plasma cannons, missiles and other fiery projectiles.
  • Communicate with other alien species in hopes of acquiring new allies, or stay wary of enemy hostiles when scouring the vast darkness. Use rich dialogue options to create a rewarding narrative between you and other sentient beings.
  • The action-adventure RPG provides a near-limitless sandbox of space exploration, planetary interactions brimming with tons of anomalies and other peculiar discoveries.

Officially opening up to the public, Starcom: Nexus enters Early Access on Steam on December 12th, 2018.

Crimson Keep Brings A First-Person Action And Rogue-Like Fusion Over To The Switch And PC This Week

Survive the seemingly endless dungeon crawler in a comprehensive smorgasbord of gameplay elements from RPG progression to rogue-like perma-death in the upcoming indie title from Team Crimson, Crimson Keep.

The trailer shows off the sword swinging fantastical monster slaying action, as well as plenty of floating hands, which can be found below:

The impending indie dungeon crawler takes a leave from the traditional action RPG shot in either third-person or tilted over-the-top isometric camera angles, and looks to engage the player in the immersive first-person view.

A Taste Of Perma-Death, Anyone?

While you’ll find plenty of familiarities found in every genre represented in Crimson Keep, here are a few unique details about the upcoming game:

  • The first-person action RPG takes players through a rogue-like experience with procedurally generated dungeons filled with a wide array of hauntingly gruesome enemies and foes, as well as the looming threat of perma-death.
  • Adding a small dash of survival mechanics to the already overflowing mixture, players must dish out other tactics aside from battling monsters, such as starvation, overcoming supernatural powers and curses.
  • Take on roles of a Berserker, Witch or Drifter and navigate their powers through a satisfying RPG-like progression system which routinely rewards players with new powers, and equipment.
  • Players won’t need to stick with only a small selection of weapons throughout the game as a heap of devastating hardware can be discovered, each with their own statistics and abilities.

Crimson Keep, the first-person action rogue-like, is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Grueling Survival Game, Miscreated, Leaves Early Access For Official Launch In December

Players familiar with the survivalist nature of the post-apocalyptic world in Entrada Interactive’s Early Access game, Miscreated, will be delighted to know the title is entering its official launch this December.

With the announcement comes the launch trailer which shows off the adventurous gameplay and devastatingly brutal enemies that await:

The launch of Miscreated 1.0 arrives after a solid four years of testing, bug fixes and growth while in Early Access on Steam.

“Miscreated has been such an amazing journey – we have created such a wonderful community who has driven the design of this game in so many ways(…)The launch of Version 1.0 is guaranteed to have features the community has been asking for as well as some additional features. We also have some exciting new content planned post 1.0 launch.” – Terry Evans, CEO and Owner at Entrada Interactive

Miscreated 1.0 Details

So what separates Miscreated from other survival games, and what’s new in the upcoming full release? Check out the details below:

  • Players will dive into a vast, gruelling open world filled with mutated beings which were “miscreated” by the inevitable fallout. The post-apocalyptic world is brimming with exploration in a diverse setting from lush forests to soaring cityscapes.
  • The dynamic weather system makes survival even more unforgiving as players can carelessly find themselves in the midst of blinding fog to furious tornadoes to radiated thunderstorms – the world is teeming with surprises.
  • Players will literally build within the world around them using hundreds of craftable solutions, traverse the map on foot or in one of the 15 different operable vehicles to discover and battle it out against mutated beasts or fellow online survivors with a wide range of combative weapons to equip.
  • The 1.0 launch includes a flurry of new updates including survival tactics like cooking your food, regulating body temperature, new weather systems like acid rain and blizzards, an expanded map, player hosted servers, as well as much more to come in the future.

While still currently in its waning Early Access stage, Miscreated is set for its full release on December 18th, 2018 on Steam for the PC.

Join A Creatively Rewarding VR Experience In Squishies, Available On PSVR

The VR tech just got a bit more imaginative with the recently released puzzle platform building PSVR title from Brainseed Factory, Squishies.

Take a look at the clever challenges you’ll find in Squishies in the gameplay trailer below:

Leap Into The Charming World Of Squishies

The puzzle solving adventure is ripe with plenty of features to keep VR players utterly engaged from start to finish.

  • Take on the enduring Story Mode, create your own labyrinth of puzzles in Creative Mode or play through community created levels and discover something fresh and new – there are plenty of inspiring options to explore in Squishies.
  • Real life movement is brought in through the perfect mapping of the PlayStation Move controllers, providing fluid and natural movements across your adventure.
  • Players utilize different elements to make their way through each level. Water, air, fire and ice all play their own part in allowing players to successfully traverse through the 3D puzzle game.
  • Using the environment, multiple power-ups and animated creatures populating the colourful world, players must use keen multitasking to find their way through the unique puzzle platformer.

As a dedicated VR only experience, the creative and challenging world of Squishies awaits for PSVR owners, available now.

Boxing Apocalypse

Put Your Dukes Up And Take On Alien Hordes In The Latest VR Experience, Boxing Apocalypse

PlayStation VR is winding up for another pummeling release allowing players to brawl against combat savvy aliens in the upcoming boxing game from Gotham City Films, Boxing Apocalypse.

Check out the punch-packing trailer showing off the alien boxer below:

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

For all of those looking to take out waves of alien fighters and online friends via fisticuffs, there are a few unique features to be found in Boxing Apocalypse:

  • Players are transported to an isolated alien prison where your sole goal is to brawl your way through alien hordes one after another. Complete all 5 levels and take on the final boss to claim your victory over the entire prison.
  • The VR experience is designed with responsive and instinctual controls for a fluid approach to swinging your fists effectively against your opponents.
  • Players can unlock and equip weapons for a more devastating approach to combat, counter attacks utilizing energy shields, as well as switching out armour upgrades and new gauntlets to give you an advantage when striking down your foes.
  • Taking on alien AI isn’t the only method of boxing mayhem, as players can compete in online matches or tournaments for an all-out, quick-acting, fist-flying brawl.

Square up and prepare for a lively VR boxing experience as Boxing Apocalypse is set to release on the PSVR on December 11th, 2018.

Enter The Sprawling Sandbox Open World In Kenshi, A ‘Sword-Punk’ Survival RPG Releasing On PC

PC players can soon enter into the vast world of Kenshi, a single-player open world RPG being developed by the small indie team, Lo-Fi Games.

The 12-year development cycle of Kenshi is finally coming to life as it leaves Early Access and with the announcement comes a riveting launch trailer:

The Dangerous World Of Kenshi

There seems to be plenty to do in the sandbox RPG as the game’s world is ripe with plenty of various elements from different gaming genres.

  • Players take on the role of a warrior set against surviving the relentless bandits, slavers and countless other dangers found throughout the sandbox experience.
  • Completely free to decide your own direction, players can form their own path from honourable warrior to evil villain in a world lush with different biomes, landscapes and towns.
  • The mod community has been hard at work creating over 1,500 mods to enhance and customize your experience when diving into the world of Kenshi.
  • Injuries take a dramatic effect as players lose certain abilities depending on where damage is taken. All damaged limbs heal over time and prosthetics are needed when one loses a limb(s) creating an uncanny survival element to the game.
  • In true sandbox form, players have the ability to alter the world around them by crafting, researching new technology and building homes and bases throughout the vast world.

The harsh world of Kenshi brings in a massive amount of gameplay with an ample amount of game genres tied into the experience. Kenshi releases on Steam on December 6th, 2018.

New RPG Druidstone: The Secret Of The Menhir Forest Receives First Trailer

In sheer strategic glory, indie developers Ctrl Alt Ninja have unveiled the first look at gameplay in their upcoming tactical RPG, Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest.

Check out the exclusive look at the upcoming turn-based role-playing game below:

Developed by the co-creators of the highly praised Legend of Grimrock games, the team looks to continue their success with their latest endeavour combining tactical tabletop and classic PC games.

“We are normally very shy to show unfinished work, and with the success of two Grimrock games under our belts, it’s been stressful meeting the high quality expectations, not only of our fans, but our own sky high expectations. But now that we have reached the alpha milestone, we are finally ready to show a glimpse into the new game world we have been building with Druidstone for the past two years.” – Petri Häkkinen, Co-Founder of Alt Ctrl Ninja Ltd.

All Of The Details We Know, So Far

Along with the debut gameplay trailer showcasing the upcoming game, we have a few details of what to expect from the game itself:

  • Druidstone is played as a single-player game with turn-based battles, strategic movements and tons of missions to keep players busy throughout the game.
  • Players control a party of three main characters – Leonhard, Aava and Oiko – as they embark on a memorable journey through Elo Sphaera, a vivid world brimming with fantastical elements and themes.
  • Experience a world of dense forests, puzzling ruins and snowy mountains as players explore and fight their way through vile enemies across a tale of love and death.

With the new trailer unveiling Druidstone has also launched their official game page on Steam.

The forthcoming RPG is set to release in Spring of 2019 on Windows PC.

New Arcade Side-Scrolling Shooter, Blazing Chrome, Announced; Arriving Early 2019

Satisfy your vintage game addiction with the retro-inspired side-scrolling arcade shooter game by Joymasher, Blazing Chrome.

Check out how the vintage-styled indie game harnesses the old-school run-and-gun vibe in the excitable trailer below:

A Throwback Of A Golden Era

Blast your way through the ruthless AI opponents who have laid down their attack plan on planet Earth, and attempt to save humanity as you know it.

  • Players can take on the relentless action utilizing powerful weaponry and equipment across a wide range of environments and level designs.
  • Powerful exosuits, futuristic high-end weaponry and incredibly devastating power-ups all await players in either single player or co-op action.
  • Across six different stages, players will run, shoot, ride and kill their way through a future world riddled by bullet-heaving AI in a catastrophic environment.
  • Play as either the lone human resistance member, Mavra, or the mechanical mohawk wielding rebel robot, Doyle. Co-op through the game brimming with intense, adrenaline-inducing action with combat that ceases to let up.

Blazing Chrome is aiming for an early 2019 release on the Switch, PS4 and PC systems.

Experience Battle Royale In Virtual Reality With Do Or Die VR, Available Now

Fans of the highly popular battle royale genre can dig in a little deeper with an all-new VR experience from Portugal developers, Azimuthstar, with Do or Die VR.

The game has currently been in Early Access, which you can check out the launch trailer below:

Do or Die VR Details

The bold combination of the immersive virtual reality experience with the competitive battle royale genre was practically inevitable, and with it comes a slew of enticing features in DoD VR:

  • Take on a massive map of enemies in the traditional BR experience but with a new twist: aim not to be the last man standing, but the first one to reach the extraction helicopter.
  • Make your way across the map quickly with the new addition of cars and motorcycles to help increase your odds of survival.
  • Competitors can customize their experience with unlockable skins for their weapons giving a much more personal touch to the game.

“We have spent the last year and a half developing this battle royale game, which we like to play a lot, and to which we have added several features that we miss as amateur players. As for example: the driving of vehicles and the customization of weapons.” – Azimuthstar CEO, Vítor Carvalho

Grab your VR copy of Do or Die VR on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive available now on Steam.