Enter The Sprawling Sandbox Open World In Kenshi, A ‘Sword-Punk’ Survival RPG Releasing On PC

PC players can soon enter into the vast world of Kenshi, a single-player open world RPG being developed by the small indie team, Lo-Fi Games.

The 12-year development cycle of Kenshi is finally coming to life as it leaves Early Access and with the announcement comes a riveting launch trailer:

The Dangerous World Of Kenshi

There seems to be plenty to do in the sandbox RPG as the game’s world is ripe with plenty of various elements from different gaming genres.

  • Players take on the role of a warrior set against surviving the relentless bandits, slavers and countless other dangers found throughout the sandbox experience.
  • Completely free to decide your own direction, players can form their own path from honourable warrior to evil villain in a world lush with different biomes, landscapes and towns.
  • The mod community has been hard at work creating over 1,500 mods to enhance and customize your experience when diving into the world of Kenshi.
  • Injuries take a dramatic effect as players lose certain abilities depending on where damage is taken. All damaged limbs heal over time and prosthetics are needed when one loses a limb(s) creating an uncanny survival element to the game.
  • In true sandbox form, players have the ability to alter the world around them by crafting, researching new technology and building homes and bases throughout the vast world.

The harsh world of Kenshi brings in a massive amount of gameplay with an ample amount of game genres tied into the experience. Kenshi releases on Steam on December 6th, 2018.

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