Open World RPG, Outward, Set To Release This February On Consoles/PC

Take on the uncanny role of an adventurer of Outward, the open world RPG where you are as vulnerable as every player drifting from one challenge to the next.

An all-too epic announcement trailer can be found below, which gives us only a small taste of what to expect from Outward:

Combine forces with other online or local players, or tackle the world solo as an adventurer with no given godly path to greatness, but merely the will to explore and succeed in a dangerous world.

Outward Details

With a recent stream of the game from the developers, there’s plenty of details revealed about the upcoming massive RPG:

  • While playing solo or online multiplayer is nothing new to the genre, Outward adds a unique split-screen co-op mode allowing players to explore the massive lands with a friend from the comfort of their own home.
  • Player’s don’t play as an all-powerful protagonist like most RPGs, but rather as a humble adventurer making a name for themselves and surviving by any means necessary.
  • The story changes with each playthrough as the narrative dips and dives through player decisions, successful accomplishments, or even forgettable failures – your story will continue with its very own twists and turns.
  • The battle system includes challenges from all over the vast open world with a powerfully unique magic system and engaging real-time combat.

Outward is set to hit the PS4, Xbox One and Steam on February 12th, 2019 both in physical and digital format.

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