Conquer Endless Dungeons In The Upcoming 3D Action-Platformer, Tower Princess

Find the love of your life while hacking your way through randomly generated dungeons in the future release from AweKteaM, Tower Princess.

The new gameplay trailer shows off the action-adventure, 3D platforming fun to be found within Tower Princess below:

Not Your Average Dating Game

Players will find themselves in the traditional fantasy of rescuing a hostage princess (or prince), however, many nontraditional nuances find their way into the game, as well.

While still a ways off from release, there are still plenty of details to keep you excited which you can find below:

  • Players will dive into a roguelite experience with randomly generated dungeon worlds filled with platforming obstacles, dangerous monsters and altering love interests to rescue.
  • Aside from conquering dungeon after dungeon, the player must also impress the rescuee with specific actions, such as offering a special gift to the correct type of hostage, be it human, lizard or perhaps even zombie prince/princess.
  • Every dungeon is different but each one has a specific time limit for completion. Should knights not rescue their soul mate in time, the evil dragon ignites the dungeon in a blaze of failure taking everything the player has collected.
  • Players must not travel alone, as multiplayer will make an appearance to help solo players make their way through each dungeon, or compete against one another in PvP mode.

There’s still loads of time left before Tower Princess makes its way to release, however, in the meantime future purchasers may visit the game’s Kickstarter page which will be launched in early 2019.

Tower Princess if set to land digitally on the PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2020. PC players may also find a playable demo here.

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