Grueling Survival Game, Miscreated, Leaves Early Access For Official Launch In December

Players familiar with the survivalist nature of the post-apocalyptic world in Entrada Interactive’s Early Access game, Miscreated, will be delighted to know the title is entering its official launch this December.

With the announcement comes the launch trailer which shows off the adventurous gameplay and devastatingly brutal enemies that await:

The launch of Miscreated 1.0 arrives after a solid four years of testing, bug fixes and growth while in Early Access on Steam.

“Miscreated has been such an amazing journey – we have created such a wonderful community who has driven the design of this game in so many ways(…)The launch of Version 1.0 is guaranteed to have features the community has been asking for as well as some additional features. We also have some exciting new content planned post 1.0 launch.” – Terry Evans, CEO and Owner at Entrada Interactive

Miscreated 1.0 Details

So what separates Miscreated from other survival games, and what’s new in the upcoming full release? Check out the details below:

  • Players will dive into a vast, gruelling open world filled with mutated beings which were “miscreated” by the inevitable fallout. The post-apocalyptic world is brimming with exploration in a diverse setting from lush forests to soaring cityscapes.
  • The dynamic weather system makes survival even more unforgiving as players can carelessly find themselves in the midst of blinding fog to furious tornadoes to radiated thunderstorms – the world is teeming with surprises.
  • Players will literally build within the world around them using hundreds of craftable solutions, traverse the map on foot or in one of the 15 different operable vehicles to discover and battle it out against mutated beasts or fellow online survivors with a wide range of combative weapons to equip.
  • The 1.0 launch includes a flurry of new updates including survival tactics like cooking your food, regulating body temperature, new weather systems like acid rain and blizzards, an expanded map, player hosted servers, as well as much more to come in the future.

While still currently in its waning Early Access stage, Miscreated is set for its full release on December 18th, 2018 on Steam for the PC.

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