Crimson Keep Brings A First-Person Action And Rogue-Like Fusion Over To The Switch And PC This Week

Survive the seemingly endless dungeon crawler in a comprehensive smorgasbord of gameplay elements from RPG progression to rogue-like perma-death in the upcoming indie title from Team Crimson, Crimson Keep.

The trailer shows off the sword swinging fantastical monster slaying action, as well as plenty of floating hands, which can be found below:

The impending indie dungeon crawler takes a leave from the traditional action RPG shot in either third-person or tilted over-the-top isometric camera angles, and looks to engage the player in the immersive first-person view.

A Taste Of Perma-Death, Anyone?

While you’ll find plenty of familiarities found in every genre represented in Crimson Keep, here are a few unique details about the upcoming game:

  • The first-person action RPG takes players through a rogue-like experience with procedurally generated dungeons filled with a wide array of hauntingly gruesome enemies and foes, as well as the looming threat of perma-death.
  • Adding a small dash of survival mechanics to the already overflowing mixture, players must dish out other tactics aside from battling monsters, such as starvation, overcoming supernatural powers and curses.
  • Take on roles of a Berserker, Witch or Drifter and navigate their powers through a satisfying RPG-like progression system which routinely rewards players with new powers, and equipment.
  • Players won’t need to stick with only a small selection of weapons throughout the game as a heap of devastating hardware can be discovered, each with their own statistics and abilities.

Crimson Keep, the first-person action rogue-like, is out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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