Retro Inspired Roguelite/Shop Management Game, Moonlighter, Finds Its Way To The Switch

Digital Sun’s hit adventure/shop management sim reaches to a new fanbase with Moonlighter’s official Switch release.

Along with the recent reveal of the stellar indie game opening up shop on Nintendo’s hybrid system comes a new Moonlighter Switch trailer:

The Award Winning Moonlighter

Moonlighter has looked like one of the top games in the indie game scene for 2018, including an impressive award of Best Indie Game of 2018 from the Game Developers Conference.

If you missed the bandwagon that has tailed the inspiring gem since its initial release back in May, check out the details below:

  • Explore a handful of dangerous procedurally generated dungeons each with their own unique theme of enemies and resources.
  • Collect as many materials as you can fit into your limited storage space as you venture into the dungeons and bring them back to your shop to sell to customers during the day.
  • Run your Moonlighter shop during the day in a strategic, price estimating management sim and explore dungeons in a classic Zelda style adventure at night creating a deep and engaging experience.
  • Help build up both your Moonlighter shop and the small town it rests in with discovered materials and hard-earned money. Use materials to upgrade weapons and armour or make a hefty profit by putting your findings up for sale – the choice is yours.

You can grab the highly rated, highly addictive indie game, Moonlighter, for the Nintendo Switch right now.

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