Beloved Flash Game Starcom Re-Invents Itself As Starcom: Nexus, An Epic Space RPG Adventure

Prepare to re-engage your thrusters and pilot your very own spaceship through the depths of the great beyond as the iconic Flash game from Wx3 Labs revives itself in, Starcom: Nexus.

For those unfamiliar with the wildly popular 2008 web browser action game, and one of the 2 million players fondly recalling endless hours poured into the space odyssey, check out the trailer below:

After ten years of existence, Starcom is back with a stunning reinvention as a standalone PC game after the original Flash game went on to create a cult following.

“…I didn’t think to give players a channel to reach out to me at the time. Still, many did find a way and asked if I had any plans for a sequel.” – Kevin Lin, Starcom Creator

What’s New In Starcom: Nexus?

Through a long development cycle started in 2014 and several closed betas since August 2018, Starcom: Nexus is ready to enter Early Access – and with it comes a variety of engaging features:

  • Players will take control of an agile spacecraft in a scenic top-down view and engage in heated space battles, universal exploration and riveting alien interaction.
  • With slick customizing options, pilots will equip their combat ships with bullet deflecting armour, powerful engines and devastating weaponry like plasma cannons, missiles and other fiery projectiles.
  • Communicate with other alien species in hopes of acquiring new allies, or stay wary of enemy hostiles when scouring the vast darkness. Use rich dialogue options to create a rewarding narrative between you and other sentient beings.
  • The action-adventure RPG provides a near-limitless sandbox of space exploration, planetary interactions brimming with tons of anomalies and other peculiar discoveries.

Officially opening up to the public, Starcom: Nexus enters Early Access on Steam on December 12th, 2018.