Multiplayer Mech Shooter, Blazing Core – Knights Of The Future, Moves Into Early Access Phase

Suit up and hop into the latest mech destroying, tactical shooter from Octobox Interactive, Blazing Core – Knights of the Future.

Check out what you’ll be getting yourself into in the alpha gameplay footage shown below:

Blazing Core offers players a variety of gameplay elements in a strategic 3v3 or 6v6 competition. Customize your deadly mech suit with a wide array of weapons and equipment, enhance your experience with unique abilities and take on one of the many roles offered in battle.

An Updated Blazing Core Experience

Here’s everything new you can expect in the latest build of the game:

  • Tear the environment apart in the completely reworked Maya map offering destroyable objects, reworked lighting effects and new locations like shelters and unique lore opportunities.
  • A brand-new quest system has been added offering players the chance to earn special rewards for completing daily and weekly jobs.
  • Modified rewards system which allows players to earn greater rewards the better they play.
  • Knights no longer bear their own banner as they enter battle, now utilizing the newly added banner-bearing drone to escort you in combat.

You can sign up for the Early Access phase which will last for a total of six months by purchasing a copy of the game for £13.99 / €17.99 / $17.99.

Head on over to Blazing Core’s Steam page and get started in the mech crushing, tactical shooting mayhem.

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