Vintage Coated RPG Game, Unleashed, Brings A Story Of Sins And Virtues, Available On Steam

Introducing a classic take on traditional RPG mechanics and attaching a few modern twists, Unleashed is a brand-new indie game from French developers, Yozamu.

Set in a world taken hostage by a vile curse, players will embark on a journey to save their dear mother from the primordial sins performed by the infected citizens.

With the recent release of Unleashed to PC, a launch trailer shows off the many different mechanics rooted within the lavish formula:

Sin Or Virtue? Unleashed Details

This old-school inspired role-playing game is absolutely loaded with features offering various tastes of different gaming elements, such as:

  • Players fight as Mercy, a female survivor unaffected by the ongoing curse who’s searching for her mother in a vast world ripe with exploration.
  • In a theme focusing heavily on sins and virtues, Mercy will utilize pieces of her pure soul to summon up to 10 spiritual creatures known as Achivara to fight for her in a traditional turn-based combat system.
  • Mercy may summon up to three Achivara in combat at once, allowing for a strategic method of creature swapping to pinpoint enemy weaknesses. Utilize powers of either sin or virtue to cast damage upon your foe, be it devilish monster or curse-riddled citizen.
  • Outside of combat players will explore the completely unlocked world of Mysteria, forage for randomly spawned valuable resources, craft items to be sold or repair houses for useful storage spaces.

You can try out Unleashed available on Steam today, or check out the official website for more in-depth details and images from the game.

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