True 8-Bit Zelda Inspired Adventure Game Dawnthorn Arriving This Spring

Retro fans of the NES days can rejoice as the Zelda-like action-adventure game, Dawnthorn will bring nostalgic bliss this coming Spring.

From the makers of the 16-bit Kickstarter project, Hazelnut Bastille, Aloft Studio is releasing the 8-bit adventure Dawnthorn as a prequel in the series.

You can head on over to Hazelnut’s Kickstarter page for more information on that project, or check out the vintage-dipped trailer for Dawnthorn below:

The announced prequel takes players through a familiar experience for those remembering the early years of Link in colourful pixelated form.

What To Expect From The Retro Adventure, Dawnthorn

Here’s everything we’ve been able to uncover about Dawnthorn since the official reveal:

  • In true NES form, Dawnthorn inspires those wishing to dive back into the 8-bit visuals from some of gaming’s earliest years, equipped with the nostalgic flavour chiptune tracks and all.
  • The Zelda-like adventure game takes the genre to satisfying new heights with tons of unique weapons, dungeons filled with challenging puzzles and a colourful world ripe with exploration.
  • Unique abilities like creating giant bubbles, walking on water, instant dash and an array of projectile attacks are sure to keep the gameplay evolving into a thrilling retro adventure.
  • As a prequel to the upcoming SNES inspired 16-bit adventure, Hazelnut Bastille, fans will have the chance to dive into not one, but two vintage styled titles from indie developers Aloft Studios.

Dawnthorn is expected to release first on the PC in Spring of 2019 but plans to head over to the Switch and PS4 at a later date – as long as the game garners enough praise.

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