The Subject Creeps Its Way Onto Steam

Strap in for a chilling adventure to unlock the horrors deep within the nefarious BioMass labs in the debut title from Darkstone Digital, The Subject.

The official release taking players through the haunting experience also comes armed with a nail-biting trailer:

Taking inspirations from the horror and sci-fi movie classics from the 1980s, The Subject presents a mindful first-person puzzle game with a heavy dose of fear around every corner.

“The Subject is the combination of all the things I wanted to work on while I was at larger studios, Sci-Fi and Horror with an 80s sci-fi movie influence visually.” – Brian Clarke, Darkstone Digital

The Subject Details

With a simple concept, yet, requiring a courageous sense of thrill, The Subject looks to offer tense feelings on top of rewarding gameplay. Check out the details below:

  • The dark first-person adventure found in The Subject takes players through complex puzzle solving and harrowing survival elements which lurk around every corner of the corrupt Biomass labs.
  • Use cunning wit to explore and solve a variety of environmental puzzles that unlock deeper areas in the game.
  • Be cautiously wary of the dangerous experimental monsters that creep throughout the laboratory as you attempt to discover the truth behind the nefarious corporation.
  • With no linear method to unravelling the game’s events, players explore the labs in a free roam method allowing for puzzles and areas to be completed in any order for a stirring, unpredictable experience.

The Subject is available now on Steam.

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