New Arcade Side-Scrolling Shooter, Blazing Chrome, Announced; Arriving Early 2019

Satisfy your vintage game addiction with the retro-inspired side-scrolling arcade shooter game by Joymasher, Blazing Chrome.

Check out how the vintage-styled indie game harnesses the old-school run-and-gun vibe in the excitable trailer below:

A Throwback Of A Golden Era

Blast your way through the ruthless AI opponents who have laid down their attack plan on planet Earth, and attempt to save humanity as you know it.

  • Players can take on the relentless action utilizing powerful weaponry and equipment across a wide range of environments and level designs.
  • Powerful exosuits, futuristic high-end weaponry and incredibly devastating power-ups all await players in either single player or co-op action.
  • Across six different stages, players will run, shoot, ride and kill their way through a future world riddled by bullet-heaving AI in a catastrophic environment.
  • Play as either the lone human resistance member, Mavra, or the mechanical mohawk wielding rebel robot, Doyle. Co-op through the game brimming with intense, adrenaline-inducing action with combat that ceases to let up.

Blazing Chrome is aiming for an early 2019 release on the Switch, PS4 and PC systems.

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