The Best Upcoming PS VR Games 2018

Sony had a great first year with their PS VR headset, selling more than 2 million units in 2017. It’s a surprise to those that predicted VR wouldn’t quite catch on… That being said, there’s still work to be done to get VR into the mainstream. Sony can overcome that fact by releasing lots of compelling games – simple, but true for any platform.

So what about 2018? What new PS VR games can you look forward to this year, and will the support continue? Well fear not, Sony has recently just recommitted to PS VR and has stated that it will receive over 130 new games this year. (That’s 280 VR games by the end of 2018).

As for those new games, here are some of the best upcoming PS VR titles we’re looking forward to playing.


The hotly anticipated Moss, from Polyarc Games, quickly became one of the most desired PS VR games after its initial E3 2017 reveal. With platforming, a smattering of action and beautifully clever puzzle-solving on the cards, it’s no wonder.

You can try it out while you wait through the free PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2. Moss is released on the 27th February, and it’s exclusive to PS VR.

Bravo Team

Another one announced at E3 2017, Bravo Team was one of two titles shown off by developer Supermassive Games – the other game being The Inpatient, (see below!).

Bravo Team promises VR co-op play where you’ll need to take cover, go over tactics and shoot your way to victory. Bravo Team releases exclusively on March 6th, 2018.

Blood & Truth

Best Upcoming PS VR Games 2018: Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is basically a full game of The London Heist seen in PlayStation VR Worlds. That was a truly memorable experience loved by many, so Sony London Studios decided more was needed.

Blood & Truth places you into the heart of London’s organised crime syndicate and you’re out looking for revenge – I wonder if Frank is still around? Blood & Truth is coming at some point in 2018, but we don’t know when. It’s exclusive for PlayStation VR.

The Inpatient

Never want to sleep again? That’s ok, Supermassive Games has you covered with The Inpatient. Another expansion of the Until Dawn game universe, The Inpatient takes place in the Blackwood Sanatorium we all remember in our worst nightmares…

Better news: the horror title is due out this month on the 24th January 2018. It’s another exclusive for PlayStation VR.


Best Upcoming PS VR Games 2018: Golem

Announced way back in 2016, Golem‘s fate suddenly became unknown. Luckily, it appeared again at the Paris Games Week press conference to much relief.

From Highwire Games, it’s a VR adventure that allows you to explore and fight your way through the ruins of the “Endless City”. Golem is due out on the 13th March 2018. Exclusive for PlayStation VR.

Star Child

Star Child is a VR science-fiction adventure featuring classic side-scrolling platforming from the ‘good old days’. That extra, awesome immersion that VR provides will encourage you to really dive into the rich, 2D world created for you by Playful Corp. You can try it out while you wait through the free PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2.

Star Child is coming at some point in 2018, but it’s another one in which the exact date remains a bit of a mystery. Of course, it’s exclusive for PlayStation VR too.

The Other Best Upcoming PS VR Games 2018

Best Upcoming PS VR Games 2018: The Persistence

Other notable PS VR games coming out this year include the following:

  • Quar: Infernal Machines
  • The American Dream
  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – Mars
  • Fallout 4 VR – Expected
  • Megalith
  • Megadimension Neptunia VIIR
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • Dreams (VR Support Due)
  • Sprint Vector
  • The Persistence
  • Transference
  • Windlands 2
  • Torn
  • Bow To Blood
  • Firewall Zero Hour

That’s it for now. We’ll be updating this article when Sony adds more games to their VR plans for 2018.

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