Step Into The Digitally Comical World Of Broken Reality, Available Now On Steam

Venture into the depths of the internet and experience a mischievous and otherwise peculiar journey in the upcoming indie title, Broken Reality.

The recent gameplay trailer shows us just how strange things might get on the adventure through the often ridiculous world of the internet:

“The gameplay is in itself a commentary on the state of the internet, social media, truth and more in the post-truth era, while also being a light-hearted parody of many famous internet sites, corporations, and activities.” – Sebastian Covacevich, Lead Game Designer

Within the sprawling world of the web browser, players will take on the role of a nameless user just getting warmed up to the modern computer system.

Unzipping All Of The Details

The satirical game takes users through a variety of web page obstacles, puzzles and tons of other challenges. Check out all of the details below:

  • With a large focus on humor, Broken Reality has players exploring the many pages of the internet. The first-person view allows players to navigate through what are naturally 2D websites now presented in 3D form.
  • Players will unlock plenty of unique, web-related tools to help them make their way through the internet, from pop-up ad-cutting katanas to teleporting with bookmarks, there’s much more to the cyberspace than meets the eye.
  • In true social media form, collecting coveted likes and improve your social ranking in the online world granting you further access deeper into the world-wide-web.
  • The unique visuals properly display the digital world of cyberspace through the eyes of a new user. Complimenting the computerized graphics is an equally dynamic soundtrack.

Players interested can hop into the digital cyberspace immediately as Broken Reality is available right now on Steam.

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