Indie Developer Delirma Releasing Two New Games, Priest Simulator And Faither, Out In 2019

Expect two new religious-themed games to release in 2019 from Polish game studio Delirma, Faither out midway through the year and Priest Simulator set to launch at the tail end.

Priest Simulator

Take on the role of the most trusted man in the village as you battle between right and wrong as a priest of a rather unsavoury convention.

You can check out some of the dirty deeds performed by the anti-hero in the official Priest Simulator trailer below:

The game offers players the option of solving spiritual dilemmas like confessions, preaching sermons or exorcisms in noble form, or think a bit more “outside” the box.

A Unique Simulation Experience

Here are some holier than thou details covering the upcoming religious sim title:

  • Played in the first person, players will explore a village of churchgoers and use their instincts – be it good or bad – to fix a variety of divine issues.
  • The main storyline blends with additional side quests which include the typical duties of a priest, but will also find players performing unusual battles with terrifying demons.
  • Priests will earn valuable income from their godly work and use currency for upgrades to your car, the church and demon-fighting weapons, or develop a laboratory for the production of incense and holy water.

“Life is the art of selecting the lesser evil. Such will also be the case in our game, where we will solve problems in different ways or not solve them at all.” – game creator, Michał Jod

You will be able to find Priest Simulator on the Steam Store with a set release date of December 25th, 2019.


While there’s not much on the second spiritual game from Dilerma, Faither offers a similar experience to Priest Simulator but is also said to have enough unique differences to create its own identity.

Dealing with the life of an exorcist, players will perform various acts of bravery in the face of evil and demonic possessions.

You can take a look at the rather colourful gameplay trailer for Faither here.

The Duties OF An Exorcist

With a light blend of RPG mechanics, incredibly artistic visuals and religious exploration, Faither will bring an entirely new experience to the PC.

There are plenty of details that separate Faither from Priest Simulator, which you can find below:

  • Fight against 30 different types of demons using holy artifacts and unique abilities as you explore an unrestricted world of freedom.
  • With a subtle blend of RPG elements, players can look forward to character progression across 4 altering skill trees, as well as expansive character customization.
  • Spend your time as an exorcist and set to save up to 50 different households from the grasp of demonic fate.
  • Players can enjoy Faither in single player or traditional split-screen co-op for an extra hand in exercising demons.

Look out for Faither to release on Steam mid-2019 on June 6th.