Jump Into The Cyber-World With Fused, The Computer Network Puzzle Solver

From the creative mind of Ironsmith Studios comes a Tron-style computer puzzle game that has players solving in-network errors and discovering why the mega-popular SkyStar Systems has crashed.

Check out the colourful neon puzzle adventure found in the debut title from the single-man indie developer, Ironsmith Studios, in the trailer below:

Inside A Digital World

Travel through circuit boards in a stunning 3D modelled world and fix a variety of bugs, short circuits and find your way around barriers to solve puzzle after puzzle.

This computer system puzzle game has plenty to look forward to with an engaging premise and a beautifully crafted world:

  • Fixing the network can only be achieved by utilizing numerous abilities equipped by the Nano-byte problem solver, NF-01 – or Nigel – as it makes its way through the system.
  • Players have three different colour-coded abilities to help them on their quest of network cleaning: Red allows for passing through barriers, green gives access to launch pads and blue utilizes a speed boost.
  • The story behind the massive network failure can be uncovered by discovering data files randomly found throughout the system. Your job as Nigel is to fix the ongoing errors, then figure out the reasoning behind the attack.
  • Guided by the talkative, yet, courteous Nano-byte who will help navigate players through each system level brimming with internal problems.
  • As a part of a three-piece trilogy, Fused will find its way on PC with VR support, as well as the potential to land on consoles later down the line.

Fused is set to arrive on Steam on PC by Q2 of 2019, subsequently followed by two more titles set in the same universe.

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