Control Your Deadlines In The Newspaper Editorial Sim, Headliner: NoviNews, Available Now On Steam

Choose your stories, engage with your audience or create controversy as the Editor-in-Chief of the largest national newspaper in the recently released publication editing sim from Unbound Creations, Headliner: NoviNews.

Who knew running a newspaper publication could be so fun? Check out the awkwardly enticing gameplay trailer of Headliner below:

Players will put everything on the line to grab that top headline, meet the closing quota or report on the latest scandal as Headliner offers a unique take on the sim management genre.

“We live in a world of conflicting realities shaped by the media, and it’s not an easy web to untangle. Headliner: NoviNews explores not only the power of the media, but the challenges that come with wielding such power.” – Jakub Kasztalski, Game Director

Extra, Extra, Read All About The Details

Here’s are all of the details you can expect to discover as the head honcho of your very own newspaper publication:

  • Future editors will decide which stories to put in their publication, meet deadlines and scrounge for clicks by any means necessary – even if it incites controversy. More conflict means more eyes on your newspaper.
  • Determine the influence on the populace through political events, investigative reports and rising tensions all through your avatar home.
  • Aside from running your newspaper publication, players will engage and provide insightful help in multiple relationships outside of the paper business, such as health conditions for coworkers and the future of your brother’s career in comedy.
  • After important executive decisions have been made, the town will light up with public opinion showing how well received each story becomes and its effect on the populace.

Headliner: NoviNews has been officially released on Steam for players ready to set foot in the editing business and take on a new type of strategy game.

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