Use Keen Detective Skills As A Paranormal Investigator In Apparition, Available Now On Steam

Prepare for a night of haunting chills as players take on the role of a paranormal investigator on the prowl for eerie and dangerous horrors that creep in the dark in the recently released spooky indie game, Apparition.

Fear not, with the Early Access launch comes a short, but fright-filled trailer:

Detective Horror, Early Access, and More

Played in a terrifying first-person view, Apparition will have players facing their fears in order to collect ghastly evidence from the spirit world or meet their demise.

Polish publisher, Fat Dog Games, has released the game in official Early Access on Steam to gather horror-loving fans before the official launch.

There are loads of spooky features packed into Apparition, so check out what to expect from the haunting release in the list below:

  • With a tense atmosphere, players will explore dark and terrifying areas in search for clues showing proof of the afterlife. The more evidence you find, the better equipment you’ll earn.
  • Armed only with your bravery, wit and camera players are rendered defenceless when face-to-face with a horrifying discovery.
  • The longer you take on investigating an area the more evidence will be captured. However, the area also becomes increasingly more dangerous with spiritual activity – and you can’t keep what you’ve captured you don’t live to tell about it.
  • Using an Ouija board, players can communicate with the dead leading to groundbreaking evidence, unlocking advanced equipment further allowing players to explore more haunting areas.

Stay updated with news on the game’s official Discord channel and don’t forget to keep your head on a swivel for the things that go bump in the night.


Puzzle-platformer, Dream Alone, debuts on Switch and PC

The dark and grim platforming adventure, Dream Alone, is brought to life by indie teams Fat Dog Games and Warsaw Games – it’s officially released on digital stores on PC via Steam and the eShop on the Switch.

This terrifying journey has players plunging into a dark and twisted world in search of a cure that will save their village from a deadly plague. Twist around each level to conquer the bizarre settings inspired by silent black and white horror films.

To celebrate the release of the horror platformer is a fittingly gritty launch trailer showing off the dark atmosphere:

Check out some of the key features that make Dream Alone a one-of-a-kind experience:

  • Creatively manipulate each level to help guide your character safely through the dangers that lurk in areas like haunted forests, eerie ghost towns and mysterious caves. Use special abilities like distracting enemies with mirrored clones, switch between realities or slow down time.
  • The grim grey scaled aura adds to the mysterious and bizarre tone that mimics the peculiar setting heavily inspired by the German expressionist silent film era.
  • Award-winning composer, Paweł ‘Fleczer’ Flanc, provides a jarring musical score to help create a tense atmosphere that will have players engulfed in a dark and twisted journey through a surreal world.
  • As a young boy from a small village overrun by an ill-fated plague, players must search for the mythical Lady Death in hopes of discovering a cure to save your people.

“Dream Alone is a fairy tale for players to take part in, with mysteries to uncover in the grand tradition of folklore.” – Fat Dog Games CEO, Darek Skrzypkowski

Dream Alone is out now for the Switch and PC but is also heading over to the PS4 and Xbox One by the end of 2018.