Melancholic 2D Game, My Memory Of Us, Available For Pre-Order On Steam, PS4

News out of indie developers Juggler Games: the 2D puzzle adventure game, My Memory of Us, has officially become available for pre-order on both Steam and PS4.

A symbolic adventure between two childhood friends takes players across a dreary world set during the second great war, World War II. Fight against the struggles of occupation as two kids from alternating backgrounds do everything they can to stick together.

Below you can find the official gameplay trailer showing off the distinctive art style and game design:

My Memory of Us

Still not sold on My Memory of Us? Here are some key features you’ll find during your adventure:

  • The surreal take on real-life events showcases a familiar history lesson while managing to create an emotional story tied with powerful gameplay mechanics. Each event in the game is tied to real-life war stories from Warsaw.
  • Witness two children from two entirely different backgrounds bond and become friends through everything from stressful situations to unapologetic, playful encounters.
  • Players will have the option of either controlling each of the two children separately, or uniquely navigating both at the same time. Switch between the two with the touch of a button, or utilize special skills tied to each child.
  • Along with the trailer, there’s a slew of “Making Of” videos showcasing the design, story, sketched art style, programming, the two heroes and even the moody music.

Now that you’re interested (I think), you can pre-order a copy for Steam or PS4 (in EU only) before its official launch on October 9th, 2018. The game is also set to release on Xbox One, however, as of now it’s still under submission.

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