Test Your Luck In The Upcoming Card Battle Roguelite Endless Road

Shanghai Developers, Octopus Pig, announced the release of their unique turn-based card battle game mixed with a subtle blend of roguelite adventure, Endless Road.

Check out the stylish visuals and interesting combination of gameplay mechanics below:

Endless Road is as much about luck as it is mental stamina with a slow approach to card battles randomly generated with every step your adventurer takes.

What Else?

Curious to know more? There’s plenty of key features in Endless Road detailed below:

  • Choose between four characters each with their own class which comes with special skills and equipment to help fight your way down the endless road.
  • Players travel through the adventure one step at a time with each step a possibility of triggering a random enemy encounter, in turn leading to a tactical turn-based card battle.
  • Special spells and blessings can be used on cards to help boost your offensive and defensive manoeuvres to match up against enemy strengths and weaknesses.
  • Throughout the journey, players must help maintain various character traits of survival, such as mental state, stamina and hunger.

Endless Road is now available on Steam for PC players, receiving fresh updates since the game left its Early Access period.

What do you think?

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