Indie Dev Marko Lybeck Debuts Strategic Space Game Super Star Troopers – Open Beta Started

Making his first appearance in the indie game industry, Marko Lybeck announces his debut title, Super Star Troopers, with an open beta arriving on PC.

A trailer was also recently published by the developer showing off the fast-paced action that you’ll come to expect within the upcoming tactical space game:

Super Star Troopers Details

The unique blend of X-COM meets Laser Squad has plenty of tantalizing features, which include:

  • Made for both single player and multiplayer action, Super Star Troopers is an upcoming free-to-play turn-based strategy game which has players fighting through a massive battle station.
  • Players will take on the role of protecting hostages and teammates, wiping invading alien forces and survive against the ever-strengthening rebel forces.
  • Armed with a powerful Assault Ion Cannon and the shield-regenerating Tactical Power Armor, you’ll rely on wit and strategy to ensure you keep the invading forces at bay.
  • One false move can turn the tables having your team become weaker and weaker, while the enemies grow stronger in numbers. Devise new strategies and upgrade your equipment to help take on the increasing enemy forces.

While the open beta for Super Star Troopers has only just been announced, expect more news, including a release date, for the debut space game coming to PC.

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