Dream Alone

Dream Alone launches fall on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Welcome to the unforgiving and brutal world of a game called Dream Alone from Fat Dog Games. It’s a place where grim fairy tales meet every other horror imaginable…

Dream Alone

You play as a young Irra, who ventures forth to find a cure for a mysterious illness which has fallen upon his village.

Dream Alone – PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Irra must travel across scary lands, solve mind-bending puzzles and use his unusual abilities to avoid “horrifying” creatures. At the end of his journey awaits the ‘friendly’ Lady Death, who has the ability to lift any curse:

The developer states that it’s not Limbo; no, it’s a literal “walk through hell” instead. Yep, everyone ‘loves hell’. Dream Alone launches this fall on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

Garage Switch

VHS-era B movie game, Garage, reveals Switch gameplay trailer

If you like top-down shooters, VHS-era B-movies and the Switch, take a look at the latest gameplay trailer for Garage from studio Zombie Dynamics and tinyBuild:

Garage Switch Gameplay Trailer

You play as Butch, an ex-drug dealer who destroys zombies with axes and blasts the rest with assault rifles. Garage doesn’t take itself too seriously, then. There’s nothing wrong with that, although it’s clear that development is being taken earnestly:

“I announced Garage during tinyBuild’s HelloSwitch2 event, and we’ve been working like crazy with studio Zombie Dynamics to get the game done”. – Alex Nichiporchik.

In a nutshell, it’s a Resident Evil and Splatterpunk-inspired quirky shooter with a high difficulty and lots of blood. It’s due out on the Switch May 10th as an exclusive title – for now.

It reminds us of (no surprise), Mr. Shifty, and that’s a very good thing indeed. That game? A bit of a hidden gem if you ask me.


Acroball is coming to the iOS App Store soon

Described as an “arcade ball acrobatics game”, Acroball, from indie game developer Funcraft Games, will be released on the iOS App Store April 26th for both iPhone and iPad.

Acroball – Flashy Neon Looks

While it looks incredibly simple, it must be said that there’s no telling what will take off on the App Store these days. In fact, the title has that combination of simple, yet addictive gameplay that could prove to be very popular with gamers on the go:

The arcade game features “flashy” neon looks and, according to the developer, ‘deep’ gameplay mechanics. You have to juggle the ball by moving and rotating the level – without dropping it. The ball must, naturally, hit all of the lines to win.


I look forward to trying it out on my tedious morning commute, then! Acroball will set you back $1.99, or in the UK, around £1.40. Although knowing how prices translate over here, that’ll be £2 please.

Nemesis Realms

Cross-platform party game Nemesis Realms out now on Steam

Indie dev Evocat Games has revealed that Nemesis Realms, the sequel to Nemesis Perspective, is stepping out from Steam Early Access into a full launch for PC and VR.

Nemesis Realms – Forget Being Isolated in VR

Nemesis Realms aims to reinvent the local multiplayer experience by pitting a team of heroes, playing on PC, against a boss, controlled by a player in VR on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality. Sounds pretty cool, right?

“It brings out the multiplayer party side of the seemingly isolated VR experience,” said Leevi Pääkkönen, CEO of Evocat Games.

“Coming out of Early Access the game is more optimized and polished, and gives players an additional action-packed stage. Based on community feedback during Early Access, we’ve also added in a pool of custom variables and power-ups so players can scale the scope and length of their battles the way they want.”

Nemesis Realms takes players through different environments, with different gameplay mechanics, where they can use custom variables and power-ups to strategically swing the battle in their favour:

The first environment, for example, transports players to a fantasy mountaintop with a lake and waterfalls. Using straightforward VR mechanics, the boss must punch and smack the heroes swarming around from every angle, while they hack and slash back at it.

You can pick up Nemesis Realms on Steam right now for £7.19.

Supposedly Wonderful Future

Meet Supposedly Wonderful Future, it plays like a point and click adventure, reads like an RPG

Supposedly Wonderful Future is a sci-fi narrative game created by one person, in four years, with zero budget. If you believe those sort of constraints are the key to true creativity, read on.

Supposedly Wonderful Future – A Dark Path

Supposedly Wonderful Future was born out of a fascination the developer had with video games as a storytelling medium. It’s a project with a singular focus: to tell a ‘meaningful, thought-provoking, and emotional story’.

A cross between a point and click adventure, a text-heavy RPG, and a visual novel, SWF sees a young man invited to skip his own death by relocating to the year 2048. The catch? He has to complete some work for the world’s biggest corporation first. And we’re guessing they’re corrupt… It wouldn’t be a leap of the imagination now would it:

Here’s everything the game has to offer, with some pretty amusing features from the developer:

  • Supposedly Wonderful Future contains a word count of around 125,000. The estimated play time is 4 to 8 hours.
  • There are 5 chapters and a prologue.
  • It has UI customization options to keep the text as readable as possible.
  • Modest system requirements (a decade-old PC should do).
  • There are enough jokes to forget about the daily horrors of the human condition. For a bit. Maybe.
  • There are some choices, but they don’t really matter. Or do they?

If that sounds like your type of thing, you can pick it up from the 18th April on PC, via Steam, for $9.99 – around £7.

The Council

The Council episode 1 out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC

With The Council, indie studio Big Bad Wolf had the ambition to offer something new, something fresh to the narrative adventure genre. That’s something we like to hear at Nitchigamer.

Episode 1 Out Now – PS4, Xbox One And PC

Released earlier this week on March 13th, the first episode of the story-laden game has received a warm welcome:

It begins in 1793, with you taking on the role of secret society member Louis de Richet after his invitation to a private island off the shores of England – from the enigmatic Lord Mortimer.

The Council promises to have a deep and ‘captivating’ story, featuring intricate characters and smart writing. The developer hopes the title will push the narrative adventure genre beyond its boundaries with meaningful choices and impactful consequences. Make a decision and you truly have to live with it, that’s the core idea anyway.

The Council
The Council

The first episode of The Council, The Mad Ones, is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you’re as intrigued as I am, then you may just have the weekend plans sorted.

It’s worth noting that the full season comprises five episodes to be released across 2018 – the release dates for these will be announced at a later date.

Switch firmware 5.0

Switch updates to firmware 5.0 – could it be?

The Switch has updated itself to firmware 5.0 – it has a sentient mind you see. Well technically, a mind is sentient, yes that’s true… ahem… The good news? It’s now even faster to download games. The bad news? There’s still no web browser.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0

So here’s everything that’s been updated with the latest firmware:

  • You’ll be able to add Facebook and Twitter contacts to your friend list – good for the socialites out there
  • New user icons are available from ARMS and Kirby – Kirby is ridiculously cute!
  • There are now new ways to view news articles on the Switch (once you’ve read one, it will go a slightly lighter colour. That’s some Nintendo-level attention to detail!)
  • Switch Pro Controllers will now be coloured in the controller menu
  • Purchase downloadable software via PC (and smart device) and the download will now whizz along for you
  • A new whitelist feature for the parental controls app – good to keep the kids (and parents) happy

Pretty functional stuff in reality then. The number of times I’m playing games and want to quickly Google search for information (images, artwork, developers, release dates, facts etc) is increasing – come on Nintendo, that browser needs to be added.

Two simple gifts for E3? A browser and some jolly menu music. Thanks in advance – Sally!


In case you missed it, INSIDIA launched last week…

With so many games being released on a weekly basis these days it can be hard (see impossible) to keep track of them all. On that note, INSIDIA may have been one you missed last week.

The Launch Of INSIDIA

INSIDIA is an online, turn-based strategy game from Italian indie dev Bad Seed and it’s out on Steam now. After six months of development in Early Access, the release rounds off months of dialogue between the team and the INSIDIA community, who provided their feedback and, excitingly, shaped the final game.

Here’s the release ‘trailer’ – if you can call it that:

There are also a few updates to the official release of the game, including:

  • A definitive version of Coma, the game’s newest Champion
  • An in-game news system
  • New skins and poses
  • The all-new Wastelander’s Pack

Bad Seed‘s CEO, Jacopo Musso, had this to say:

“INSIDIA is a rare type of strategy game in which we’ve managed to marry tactical depth and extremely fast-paced battles, and provide our players a quick and thrilling experience.

“INSIDIA features a unique combat system based on simultaneous turns and a flexible combo system. With a simple order, given within a handful of seconds, all the heroes on a team can join forces to create spectacular results!”

INSIDIA will feature regular tournaments on FaceIT, a platform for online competitions with over 10 million users – there are even prizes for those who are able to rise to the top. Sweet!


PS VR game Moss shows charming new gameplay footage

Developer Polyarc has released some new gameplay from their PS VR platformer Moss. In short: it’s looking promising and, most importantly, quite distinct. Did I mention it’s really cute?

Moss – Exploring The Magic Of VR

For those that haven’t been following, Moss is a single player, platforming puzzle game. Built for PS VR from the ground up, the title reimagines classic action-adventure gameplay in an immersive virtual reality environment.

In Moss, players control Quill, a young mouse who has dreams of greatness beyond the confines of her own little settlement. While exploring the woods, she finds a mysterious piece of glass and an ancient magic is awakened… The rest is up to you!

What we’re seeing in Moss hasn’t really been done before, and that makes it all the more exciting:

“From the beginning we wanted to take the core of what makes a game great and bring it to life with the magic of VR. We’re so excited to finally share Moss with the world.” Tam Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO of Polyarc.

Moss is due out on the 27th Feb, exclusively for PS VR at a price point of £24.99 in the UK. You can try it out while you wait via the free PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2.

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st]

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] is out today

The spectacularly named Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st], a fighting game published by the talented Arc System Works, is out today.

The Missing Link: Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st]

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] is developed by French Bread, the creators of Melty Blood, a classic fighting game that’s been a staple of Japanese arcades for years, and is often considered the missing link between traditional 2D fighter gameplay and the over-the-top madness of anime fighters:

Taking place in a fictional modern-day Japan, the game presents a world to us where a mysterious event called ‘Hollow Night’ occurs and spreads terror on a monthly basis.

“Encounter shadowy organizations who have their own plans regarding the mysterious events.”

During the Hollow Night, shadowy creatures called ‘Voids’ appear and attack innocent people from the shadows. Survivors of these attacks sometimes develop special abilities and become known as an ‘In-Birth’.

If that sounds of interest, you can pick up Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and even PlayStation Vita right now.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia gets a pre-launch trailer

Anime fans will be happy about this one. The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia game is coming exclusively to PS4 on February 9th, and Bandai Namco have just released a pre-launch trailer to build the hype up some more:

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia

In case you didn’t know, The Seven Deadly Sins is a Japanese manga series that was later turned into an anime series in 2015 – it was then licensed for an English release by the mighty Netflix.

Knights Of Britannia allows you to fight with Meliodas, King, Ban and the other Seven Deadly Sins and play the anime stories of over 100 quests across Britannia.

The adventure mode allows you to roam around the land with Hawk Mama to find out where the other Sins are. There are side-quests to complete and you can perform the special character attacks called ‘Sin Action’.

In the duel mode, you can face off in traditional arenas set in locations from the anime; there’s both 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 modes. You can customise your character with magic crystals and there are 20 playable characters available – with an online mode as well.

There’s a physical version on its way called The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Collector’s Edition which features this shiny lot for super fans:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia Full Game
  • Genuine Official Laser Cell Art, designed exclusively by the anime studio
  • 12cm (4,7“) figurine of Meliodas by Banpresto
  • Collector’s Box

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia

You’ll see recreations of some of the fights from the show along with battles from the second season Revival of The Commandments. It’s looking fun from the trailer already, so hopefully, it’ll turn out to be a winner.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is free this weekend on Steam

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan, from developer Nuriworks, is free this weekend on Steam – the 26th to the 28th of January.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan: Hack ‘n’ Slash Mayhem

Wild Buster itself is a sci-fi action MMOARPG (massively multiplayer online action roleplaying game, categorised enough?) with fast-paced hack and slash combat. It requires strategic teamwork, the clever use of special abilities and an appreciation for over-the-top weaponry!

What’s more, Jon St. John, the voice behind Duke Nukem, has teamed up with Insel Games. Duke, alongside Serious Sam, is one of the thirteen playable heroes:

And here’s Sam looking sort of serious, as you’d expect:

In addition, Insel Games is offering a 33% discount on the “Founder Edition” of the game. Nothing planned this weekend? Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is available on Steam now…