Meet Supposedly Wonderful Future, it plays like a point and click adventure, reads like an RPG

Supposedly Wonderful Future is a sci-fi narrative game created by one person, in four years, with zero budget. If you believe those sort of constraints are the key to true creativity, read on.

Supposedly Wonderful Future – A Dark Path

Supposedly Wonderful Future was born out of a fascination the developer had with video games as a storytelling medium. It’s a project with a singular focus: to tell a ‘meaningful, thought-provoking, and emotional story’.

A cross between a point and click adventure, a text-heavy RPG, and a visual novel, SWF sees a young man invited to skip his own death by relocating to the year 2048. The catch? He has to complete some work for the world’s biggest corporation first. And we’re guessing they’re corrupt… It wouldn’t be a leap of the imagination now would it:

Here’s everything the game has to offer, with some pretty amusing features from the developer:

  • Supposedly Wonderful Future contains a word count of around 125,000. The estimated play time is 4 to 8 hours.
  • There are 5 chapters and a prologue.
  • It has UI customization options to keep the text as readable as possible.
  • Modest system requirements (a decade-old PC should do).
  • There are enough jokes to forget about the daily horrors of the human condition. For a bit. Maybe.
  • There are some choices, but they don’t really matter. Or do they?

If that sounds like your type of thing, you can pick it up from the 18th April on PC, via Steam, for $9.99 – around £7.

What do you think?

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