Acroball is coming to the iOS App Store soon

Described as an “arcade ball acrobatics game”, Acroball, from indie game developer Funcraft Games, will be released on the iOS App Store April 26th for both iPhone and iPad.

Acroball – Flashy Neon Looks

While it looks incredibly simple, it must be said that there’s no telling what will take off on the App Store these days. In fact, the title has that combination of simple, yet addictive gameplay that could prove to be very popular with gamers on the go:

The arcade game features “flashy” neon looks and, according to the developer, ‘deep’ gameplay mechanics. You have to juggle the ball by moving and rotating the level – without dropping it. The ball must, naturally, hit all of the lines to win.


I look forward to trying it out on my tedious morning commute, then! Acroball will set you back $1.99, or in the UK, around £1.40. Although knowing how prices translate over here, that’ll be £2 please.

One thought on “Acroball is coming to the iOS App Store soon

  1. Hi guys at Nitchi,

    You wrote an article about my game Acroball! Very cool, thanks for that!

    I just wanted to let you know that the game has been released in the app store today!

    Thanks and take care,


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