Switch updates to firmware 5.0 – could it be?

The Switch has updated itself to firmware 5.0 – it has a sentient mind you see. Well technically, a mind is sentient, yes that’s true… ahem… The good news? It’s now even faster to download games. The bad news? There’s still no web browser.

Nintendo Switch Firmware 5.0

So here’s everything that’s been updated with the latest firmware:

  • You’ll be able to add Facebook and Twitter contacts to your friend list – good for the socialites out there
  • New user icons are available from ARMS and Kirby – Kirby is ridiculously cute!
  • There are now new ways to view news articles on the Switch (once you’ve read one, it will go a slightly lighter colour. That’s some Nintendo-level attention to detail!)
  • Switch Pro Controllers will now be coloured in the controller menu
  • Purchase downloadable software via PC (and smart device) and the download will now whizz along for you
  • A new whitelist feature for the parental controls app – good to keep the kids (and parents) happy

Pretty functional stuff in reality then. The number of times I’m playing games and want to quickly Google search for information (images, artwork, developers, release dates, facts etc) is increasing – come on Nintendo, that browser needs to be added.

Two simple gifts for E3? A browser and some jolly menu music. Thanks in advance – Sally!

What do you think?

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