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Dream Alone launches fall on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

A 2D platformer with classic gameplay.

Welcome to the unforgiving and brutal world of a game called Dream Alone from Fat Dog Games. It’s a place where grim fairy tales meet every other horror imaginable…

Dream Alone

You play as a young Irra, who ventures forth to find a cure for a mysterious illness which has fallen upon his village.

Dream Alone – PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Irra must travel across scary lands, solve mind-bending puzzles and use his unusual abilities to avoid “horrifying” creatures. At the end of his journey awaits the ‘friendly’ Lady Death, who has the ability to lift any curse:

The developer states that it’s not Limbo; no, it’s a literal “walk through hell” instead. Yep, everyone ‘loves hell’. Dream Alone launches this fall on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.