Cross-platform party game Nemesis Realms out now on Steam

Indie dev Evocat Games has revealed that Nemesis Realms, the sequel to Nemesis Perspective, is stepping out from Steam Early Access into a full launch for PC and VR.

Nemesis Realms – Forget Being Isolated in VR

Nemesis Realms aims to reinvent the local multiplayer experience by pitting a team of heroes, playing on PC, against a boss, controlled by a player in VR on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality. Sounds pretty cool, right?

“It brings out the multiplayer party side of the seemingly isolated VR experience,” said Leevi Pääkkönen, CEO of Evocat Games.

“Coming out of Early Access the game is more optimized and polished, and gives players an additional action-packed stage. Based on community feedback during Early Access, we’ve also added in a pool of custom variables and power-ups so players can scale the scope and length of their battles the way they want.”

Nemesis Realms takes players through different environments, with different gameplay mechanics, where they can use custom variables and power-ups to strategically swing the battle in their favour:

The first environment, for example, transports players to a fantasy mountaintop with a lake and waterfalls. Using straightforward VR mechanics, the boss must punch and smack the heroes swarming around from every angle, while they hack and slash back at it.

You can pick up Nemesis Realms on Steam right now for £7.19.

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