In case you missed it, INSIDIA launched last week…

With so many games being released on a weekly basis these days it can be hard (see impossible) to keep track of them all. On that note, INSIDIA may have been one you missed last week.

The Launch Of INSIDIA

INSIDIA is an online, turn-based strategy game from Italian indie dev Bad Seed and it’s out on Steam now. After six months of development in Early Access, the release rounds off months of dialogue between the team and the INSIDIA community, who provided their feedback and, excitingly, shaped the final game.

Here’s the release ‘trailer’ – if you can call it that:

There are also a few updates to the official release of the game, including:

  • A definitive version of Coma, the game’s newest Champion
  • An in-game news system
  • New skins and poses
  • The all-new Wastelander’s Pack

Bad Seed‘s CEO, Jacopo Musso, had this to say:

“INSIDIA is a rare type of strategy game in which we’ve managed to marry tactical depth and extremely fast-paced battles, and provide our players a quick and thrilling experience.

“INSIDIA features a unique combat system based on simultaneous turns and a flexible combo system. With a simple order, given within a handful of seconds, all the heroes on a team can join forces to create spectacular results!”

INSIDIA will feature regular tournaments on FaceIT, a platform for online competitions with over 10 million users – there are even prizes for those who are able to rise to the top. Sweet!

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