Pre-Order Tropico 6 For PC And Gain Exclusive Access To The Beta

Fans of the beloved Tropico strategy series can gain immediate access to the beta by pre-ordering Tropico 6 from the Kalypso Shop.

Tropico 6 improves on the inspiring formula from the acclaimed strategy series and gives players the option of pre-ordering two editions of the upcoming game to choose from: Standard Edition and El Prez Edition.

Check out the latest beta trailer for Tropico 6 below:

Tropico 6 Details

Here’s everything new with the latest release in the Tropico series:

  • Players choosing to pre-order the standard edition will receive a 10% discount and the ability to hop into the beta immediately. Those springing for the El Prez Edition will acquire those two benefits, as well as other bonuses like a flashy tourist outfit and a decorative flamingo pond for their suite.
  • As the leader of your government, players now have the option of ruling an entire archipelago rather than just one island republic. This is sure to divvy up your time between numerous islands and increase the amount of strategy needed to keep the people on your side.
  • Linking these series of islands together with bridges, tunnels, as well as plenty of other enticing transportation for your citizens. Sending them from one island to another in taxis and cable cars is an all-new feature to keep your reign in power.
  • Players can join in up to 4 player co-op or competitive matches with the online multiplayer for extended fun with friends.
  • Send government agents out on raids to bring back all of the worlds riches, or give impressive speeches to keep your citizens following your every word – the choice is yours based on how you wish to rule.

If you’re a first time subscriber to the Kalypso Shop you’ll also gain an extra 15% discount on top of the 10% saved from pre-ordering the game.

With access to an exclusive beta offering a complete tutorial across all four eras (Colonial, World Wars, Cold War and Modern), as well as two full maps to help get players acquainted to running multiple islands at once, reserving customers are in for quite the treat.

Tropico 6 is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019.

From Claptrap to card combat – Gearbox returns with Project 1v1

How does Gearbox Software plan to round out an eventful decade packed with ambition, from the long-awaited misfires of Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, to the hilarious thrills of Borderlands 2 and Battleborne, to the nostalgic re-treads of old hits with The Handsome Collection and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition?

With a hybrid of two genres, apparently. This time around the Texas studio are treading territory both familiar and alien, yet promising a gameplay experience quite unlike anything we’ve seen from them to date – a rare feat unto itself, given the eclectic diversity of their output.


  • Perhaps inspired by BioWare’s success in uniting third-person-shooter and RPGs under one roof with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, Gearbox plans to play God – or Frankenstein, arguably – by combining their tried-and-tested FPS mechanics with “the meta-game strategy of a collectable card game”.
  • Enter Project 1v1, a currently PC-exclusive creation set to debut its three core gameplay modes – Ranked, Challenge and Arena, the first of which allows players to gather new cards for their decks depending on how many opponents they best – later this year, specifically via a Closed Technical Test.
  • The beta’s primarily available to North American players for registration, as well as any Gearbox devotees based elsewhere who’re willing to endure the “decreased performance” of its domestic servers.

Few could likely accuse Gearbox of refusing to take risks 18 years on from its 1999 inception, with their commitment to pursuing a new IP – rather than simply rushing out further Borderlands or Duke Nukem instalments – a refreshing departure from the industry trend of prioritising easy franchise profits over innovation.

Will the gamble pay off? That’s another matter for sure, particularly when hallowed veterans of the strategy card genre like The Witcher 3’s Gwent spin-off, Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Quest have had their fair share of time to achieve market dominance already. Nevertheless, we’ll watch Project 1v1 with intense interest as more details emerge, and report all the major developments along the way.

Stay tuned to D-pad Joy for the latest updates on this intriguing PVP-RPG cocktail as they come, and head here to sign up for the online beta on Gearbox’s official website.

Taster: Gran Turismo Sport – Beta reveals high-end graphics, frame-rate details and a brand new course

In the world of gaming there’s enough instances of games being pushed back for later release dates to keep us used to the idea, and somewhat expecting, for certain titles. Gran Turismo Sport was initially set to release all the way back in the holiday of 2016 but has since been put on hold for an un-announced date. That being said, there has been a release of a closed beta offering a look at what the folks at Polyphony Digital have to offer for the seventh installment (not including 2007’s Prologue) of the long running racing sim series.

Thanks to the folks at Eurogamer, a detailed video of the closed beta in action has provided us with answers to a few unanswered questions. A closer look at the game’s frame-rate shows off polished looks on the cars and courses bringing the game to life in spectacular detail. Vivid colors showcase the game’s finely tuned graphics and pristine imaging across the three different courses throughout the beta test, including the new course Dragon Tail. Check out the guys at Digital Foundry’s run-through below of the beta below:

Beautiful detail embraces the racer in extraordinary fashion with impressive car models and the familiar realism that comes as an anchor in the Gran Turismo series. The lighting, shading, color tones and wonderful materials and textures gives the 4K experience a sense of gratification beyond the previous releases in the franchise. With a much smaller list of cars rounding somewhere near the 140 mark, the game will focus more on the racing, both online and offline, giving the player the feel of a true racing sim.

One big addition to the customization side of the game is the livery editor. Finally. Now racers have the ability to create and design their own unique livery and graphics for their vehicles giving a bit more personality to your racing machine. Additionally, you’re capable of sharing your favorite designs online with friends and other racers, showing off your creative side to the world.

There’s still much about the new title we’re not very clear on. How much different is Sport compared to other numbered games in the series, if at all? Is Sport acting as more of a half-way point to Gran Turismo 7 or taking the roll as a major release in the series? And, most importantly, will it deliver new, fresh and, at this point, crucial enhancements to various aspects of the game to keep it from declining further into staleness of the franchise? With no official release date on paper and E3 right around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for more on this title in the near future.