Rival Megagun Pits Players Against Each Other In Maddening Shmup Mayhem, Releasing On Consoles/PC

Take on split-screen or online shoot em’ up action in the upcoming competitive gunner, Rival Megagun, released by the one-man indie developer, Degica Games.

Surround yourself in the action and have a look at the intense trailer below showing how players not only fend off waves of incoming enemies but compete against one another player, as well:

An Intense Competitive Experience

Check out all of the details regarding the competitive shmup indie title below:

  • Two players compete in either local or online play attempting to knock out the opposing player by rifling away at the incoming waves of enemies in hectic shoot em’ up action.
  • Players can choose between multiple playable characters which help diversify the combat with unique special weapons, as well as transforming in a mega boss form for intense one-on-one action.
  • Unlock new pieces of equipment and enhanced gear as you play your way through the single-player arcade and customize your ship to your liking.

Rival Megagun is set to release on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch on November 29th, 2018.

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