Survive The Arctic Conditions In Distrust, Now Available On PS4

Take on the bitter cold adventure game that has players fighting unfavourable weather conditions in Antarctica and attempt to survive the nightmare created by Cheerdealers, Distrust.

After successfully gripping players on the Arctic survivor-adventure game on PC, PS4 owners now have their chance to outlast the snowy conditions.

If you missed Distrust the first time around when it released on PC, check out the gameplay trailer below:

Distrust’s Chilling Details

As you make your way through the hellish tundra, there’s plenty that will keep you pushing forward, be them real or imaginary:

  • Distrust places players in the role of survivors of a devastating helicopter crash near an abandoned Arctic base pitted against the elements while struggling with their own weakening conscious.
  • Primarily an isometric adventure game, RPG and survivor elements make their presence known to keep players engaged in a thrilling experience, pushing them to the brink of terror.
  • Players explore randomly generated levels as a group of 15 playable characters that push for survival in a number of quests, exploration and a deep, twisting narrative.
  • Often players may find themselves not only fighting against the bitter cold elements but the fleeting distinction between reality and nightmarish hallucinations.

Distrust has laid an excellent foundation on the PC garnering mostly positive praise and now arrives on the PS4 for console owners to jump into the thrilling action.

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