Tesla vs. Lovecraft Review [PC] – Electrifying Arcade Mayhem

The unimaginable technological feats of Nikola Tesla combined with the sci-fi horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft10tons has added yet another adrenaline-fueled twin-stick arena shooter to their already impressive library. Strap on your teleport pack and prepare to face off against Cthulhu, and its many hordes of demonic enemies in this monstrous arena shooter – Tesla vs. Lovecraft.

As you take on the role of none other than the electric-wielding genius, Nikola Tesla, the minions and fiendish creations of the coveted sci-fi writer, H.P. Lovecraft, begin to take over the world. Distraught by Tesla’s electric inventions, Lovecraft takes matters into his own hands to stop Tesla and his inventive actions. Harnessing the power of his very own creation, Cthulhu, Lovecraft unleashes waves of nightmarish monsters on our hero Nikola, but that won’t stop Tesla from fighting back.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft
Angered by the inventive actions of Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft unleashes his army of monsters on the world.

The story of Tesla vs. Lovecraft is completely out of this world, but that only strengthens the energetic gameplay that backs it all up. This top-down arena shooter is as exciting as it is weird, providing players with a wildly entertaining experience from start to finish. From blasting through walls of grotesque monsters with Tesla’s super-sleek electric weapons, to running a full assault in the powerful Mech suit, this twin-stick shooter is as intense as they come. Tesla vs. Lovecraft is smooth, addictive and keeps pushing the player forward by unlocking satisfying perks and abilities to take your reign to the highest degree.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft: Sci-Fi Shooting Mayhem

Throughout the many stages of the campaign, Tesla’s main goal is to wipe out all enemies in each level. The enemy bar at the top of the screen not only shows the player how much longer the stages are, but how many enemies are currently on the map as well. Once you hit an empty bar and zero enemies left, the stage is complete. It’s a simple concept that’s worked for decades across the popular genre, but Tesla vs. Lovecraft – like all unique indie titles – has what it takes to gracefully stand out from the crowd.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft
Enemies swarm in this ultimate twin-stick shooter – Tesla vs. Lovecraft.

The levels in Tesla vs. Lovecraft offer a wide arrange of size and obstacles in various settings across the campaign. Some act as small areas barely filling up more than the entire screen, while others have the players running through alleyways, courtyards and city streets, searching for the next player-boosting perk. Along with primary weapons and abilities, players will keep things interesting with other consumables like health packs, armour shields and unique enhancements like fire bullets. After a few short training levels, the player is granted the Quantum Teleport backpack which allows Tesla to teleport a short distance, as well as through most fences or other obstacles. Now all Nikola needs is some weaponry.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft creates a unique arcade feel with unlimited ammunition rounds, a vast array of awesome weapons to pick up, mighty abilities and character customizing perks. Weapons like pistols, revolvers, gauss rifles, shotguns, repeater shotguns and the beloved Tommy Gun are found throughout the levels during your campaign. Randomly spawning during each stage, players are only permitted to carrying one weapon at a time. Running over a different weapon than you have will automatically replace your current weapon, often leading to unwanted weapon switches.

With the intense action and splashing array of colours flooding the screen, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s what. The developers have done a substantial job in colour-coding items based on whether they’re weapons, power-ups or mech parts, but there may still be some visual confusion that slightly hinders the overall gameplay. Whether or not you accidentally swap a quick-firing Tesla blaster for a slow 2-shot shotgun, you still have a few options to keep the action in your favour.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft
Along with the many waves of enemy monsters, Cthulhu statues will appear which endlessly spawn enemies until they are destroyed.

Strengthen Tesla’s Skills With Unique Perks and Abilities

Along with the many weapons to find and unlock throughout the game, players also have many perks and abilities to trigger. In typical arcade fashion, every stage starts Nikola Tesla off at level one, growing through the ranks as you mercilessly slaughter Lovecraft’s army. Leveling up comes quick, as stages typically last anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes, as players wipe out hundreds of enemies in one stage. As you gain each new level, players are awarded a perk point and may choose between two randomly selected perks.

Increasing movement speed, adding bullet penetration, a higher chance of acquiring more power-ups, or unleashing lightning strikes every few seconds are only a few of the perks available throughout the game. Starting off with a limited number of perks, more are unlocked as you progress further in the game. Gaining anywhere from 5-10 levels in one stage is an average run in Tesla vs. Lovecraft, allowing players to enhance Tesla in unique ways for every single level.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft
Unique perks help develop Tesla across each level, like having the ability to ricochet bullets off of walls.

On top of the useful and semi-permanent perk to choose from, powerful abilities also come into the mix when fending off the hordes of Lovecraftian nightmares. Spawning randomly in each stage, much like the standard weaponry, players may only equip one ability at a time. However, unlike standard weapons, these abilities are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to the many waves of enemies. Using a massive sword to slash through a thick crowd of enemies, unleashing a flurry of static shock, or an AoE nova attack act as some of the unique abilities found in each level. Not similar to the unlimited ammunition found with primary weapons, abilities have a limited number of uses, making for more strategic actions.

Lay Out Some Carnage With The Mighty Mech Suit

With all of this talk about unlimited ammo, character developing perks and game-changing abilities, these are nothing when compared to the deadly and outrageously fun Mech suit. Invented by none other than Tesla himself, this Mech suit is the ultimate table turner. Once unlocked – which is relatively early in the game – players will start each round with the assaulting Mech suit intact. After about 10 seconds or so, the Mech suit explodes into six pieces, all scattered throughout the stage. Once players pick up each part, the rampage is back on for another 10-or so second run, or until the Mech takes enough damage.

The Mech suit is not only extremely powerful but all-too satisfying as well. While firing the duel cannons works perfectly fine against the many waves of monsters, walking through them and crushing walls and barriers bring the carnage to a maximum level. It’s easy to get carried away once the Mech suit is engaged, effortlessly wiping out any helpless monster standing in your path.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft
The Mech suit is the ultimate weapon for slaying an enormous amount of monsters quickly.

Tesla vs. Lovecraft is a rampage inducing, action-packed sci-fi arena shooter that stands tall amongst titles of similar stylings. With the unique perk and levelling system, smooth controls, one-of-a-kind story, devastating abilities and Mech suit, 10tons graciously hands over an experience of science and horror like no other game has before.¬†Throughout the game’s many, many levels available through three different areas, plenty of monster slaying, Mech-suit-smashing mayhem awaits at your fingertips in this latest twin-stick arena shooter.

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  1. After reading a bunch of H.P.’s collected letters, I often wonder what he would have thought of things like this and his popularity. My guess is he would have been very pleased.

  2. It certainly looks interesting. Odd that I’ve never heard of it. I know I recently watched a few videos about They Are Billions, and while these are two very, very different titles, I feel like the two are indicative of a new wave of top-down “horror” titles. A good trend, I’d like to add.

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