How I Play Nintendo Games (And Super Smash Bros.) Upside Down

Hello everyone, my name is Beewito (Nate) and I’m a gaming YouTuber. I like to think that I bring a very distinct quality to playing video games, so let me explain.

Around the time I was 2 years old the Nintendo 64 had just come out. Obviously, I hadn’t known this at the time, but I knew someone who did… That person was my older brother, he was 8 at the time, and had received an N64 for his birthday. For a while, being a 2-year-old, I didn’t understand the concept of video games at all. That is until the day I became a ‘gamer’.

“Ever since I could remember, I have been a Nintendo enthusiast. Nintendo was the first to grab my heart for video games in general.”

One day my brother was at school and I was bored of playing with my action figures and messing around with paper. You know, kids stuff. I noticed the N64 across the hallway in my brother’s room, just sitting there being unplayed… Inevitably, being the toddler I was, I got curious because it wasn’t something I’d seen before, and mainly, because I thought it was a toy. So I walked over to it, feeling and holding the actual console for a bit, feeling some of the games. I almost lost interest until I saw a little switch on the top front of the console, I decided to push it up, and voila this is where it began (the TV was on already and the controllers were already plugged in). Super Smash Bros. was in the console, and that’s the game that came up on the TV. I distinctly remember jumping up and down with excitement!

“That first match I played against the CPU Yoshi… I, of course, lost against him – practice makes perfect!”

At the time, figuring out something like this was amazing to me. Anyways, before touching anything I watched the opening intro/cutscene of the game, with my mouth wide open, stunned with amazement. After the cutscene was over, I picked up the controller and pressed one of the buttons to start the game.

The Upside Down

After some general “being confused” time, messing around with modes, and playing with the menus, I had, outstandingly, started an actual match. So the match begins, I was Mario, and I had chosen a Lvl. 3 Yoshi as a CPU. We were fighting on the Hyrule Castle stage. Since it was my first time playing any sort of video game in my life, I obviously didn’t know how to hold the controller to play. In fact, the only way I was able to start the game was by pressing random buttons and holding the controller by the tip of my fingers.

After turning the controller all which ways and trying to hold it in different positions, I had finally found a semi-comfortable way to hold the controller, which was, believe it or not, UPSIDE DOWN!

Fast forward: this became the normal way for me to hold the controller – to this day. It’s not just THIS specific controller either. I also hold the GameCube controller upside down too, which is what you see in my video. The video goes in-depth on what goes through my mind as I’m playing games like Smash. Like the optimal positions to hold the controller upside down to do certain moves, or what to press and how to press buttons.

Smash isn’t the only game I play upside down, by the way, I basically play all games on the N64 and GameCube upside down, unless the controls are inverted. I’m going to post more content in the future of me playing different games, so you can all get weirded out even more. Anyways, I hope you like the video above and my story. You can follow me on my upside down quest to find and play every game on these systems.

Big thanks to Nitchigamer, (who I started following when they were known as D-pad Joy), for letting me post on their blog too – in case you didn’t know already, these guys rock!

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  1. This is super weird but also super intriguing! I don’t think I’m brave enough to try it for myself but I’m genuinely curious how he does this! Thanks for sharing and for finding such a unique thing for me to muse over…

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