GameCube controllers now work with the Nintendo Switch – Virtual Console on its way?

The Switch was recently updated to firmware version 4.0, which added, among other things, video capture functionality. It’s a slick addition for those that want to capture their best gaming moments – much like the PS4 offers.

However, what Nintendo didn’t reveal to us is that your old GameCube controllers (remember those fine things?) will now work with the Switch as well.

GameCube Games + Switch = Fun

What’s the central piece of equipment required to get them working exactly? The GameCube controller USB adaptor for the Wii U that was released in time for Super Smash Bros 4, of course.

It’s worth mentioning that other USB controllers do not work, at all, meaning Nintendo has enabled the old Cube controllers for a very specific reason. You can see the newly released Fire Emblem Warriors for Switch working with a GameCube controller in the video below. The nostalgia is strong.

Our guess would be that the long-awaited Virtual Console coming to the Switch will launch with a bang alongside classic GameCube titles.

Having the ability to play games such as Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee in your hands would be an enticing way to kick-start the new service. We’d say the chance of that happening is pretty high too, but you can (probably) expect news from Nintendo on such a feature next year – at the earliest.