The world has a new Tetris champion

Competitors from all over the world converged on Portland, Oregon over the weekend to compete in the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC). The competition lasted for two days until Sunday when only one man remained.

Classic Tetris World Championship

It was Jonas Neubauer, of Redondo Beach, California, who remained undefeated and was awarded the title of “World Champion of Tetris”. Hardly a stranger to competitive Tetris, Jonas Neubauer’s Portland win marks his seventh win in the CTWC.

In the eight years since the CTWC began, Neubauer has won seven of the championships. The only other competitor to win the CTWC was 2014 world champion of Tetris, Harry Hong. Despite Neubauer winning the majority of CTWC competitions, Hong has placed within the top five in each CTWC competition up to 2017 and is the first documented player to reach the highest possible score of 999,999 points in a single Tetris game.

The CTWC was inspired by the 1990 Nintendo World Championships competition where competitors played modified versions of Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Like in the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, CTWC competitors play Tetris by means of an original Nintendo Entertainment System using classic NES controllers.

1990 Nintendo World Championships

The Portland Oregon Gaming Expo has hosted the CTWC since 2012 but the CTWC format has been adopted in Tetris competitions abroad. Do you fancy yourself a champion of Tetris?

Wait, you do? Well go and test your might by seeking out an annual Tetris championship competition being hosted near you. You may even come out on top.

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