A Closer Look at the Action-Adventure Indie Title ‘Knights and Bikes’ by Foam Sword

Set on a fictional British island, Knights and Bikes, from developers Foam Sword – a small team made up of creative artists who’ve worked on titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway and Ratchet & Clank – takes the player back to the late 1980s. Venturing across the island on bikes, Nessa and Demelza scavenge the lands to discover treasure and mysteries covering the intriguing island, only to find themselves determined to save the lands from inevitable destruction.

Inspirations from ’80s classics like ET to the Goonies, the developers at Foam Sword look to give gamers everywhere a true taste of nostalgic childhood memories, letting the imaginative world around them take them on an unforgettable journey. Battle your way through enemies with charming child-like “weapons” including frisbees, water balloons and puddle/mud stomping – only to name a few viable battle tactics.

Making your way across the island, besting your foes and rescuing fellow islanders, the child-duo will learn new abilities, taking them further into the island, giving players a vast and wonderful land to explore. Using curiosity and friendship, you’ll journey across unknown lands and will make discoveries only touched by a child’s imagination.


The co-op experience in Knights and Bikes allows you to experience the game with another player controlling the other party member. Played locally or online, teaming up with friends (or AI) while you explore on your bikes is sure to leave a sense of wonder and mystery comfortably in your imagination.

While exploring the island you’ll be looting for treasure, then trading your items in to upgrade your bike and learn game-changing abilities. Freely roaming the land or solving mysteries and saving loved ones and islanders are other important options to help gather more info and explore the island.

With the cutesy hand-painted graphics, to the charming characters, weapons and battle system, Knights and Bikes looks to bring ’80s fans and gamers everywhere a solid and wonderful dose of nostalgic adventure. Being developed for PS4 and Steam users, Foam Sword is keeping the release date tightly sealed for now. Be sure to stay tuned for more on the exciting new indie game, Knights and Bikes.

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