‘Nintendo Switch Online’ smartphone app launches for Android and iOS

Nintendo has released its mobile app for Switch owners on both iOS and Android devices. It’s part of their new online service called… wait for it… ‘Nintendo Switch Online’. Straight to the point.


  • The app provides specific information about the game you’re playing. SplatNet 2 is the first of these, created specifically for Splatoon 2. It allows you to see gear, battle stats and more.
  • You can also send online play invitations with the app to people on your Switch’s friend list. From there you can voice chat with them.
  • The app allows you to send invites via social networks too.
  • The app is available for download but you can’t yet sign in. Nintendo is most likely still getting it ready for Splatoon 2 this Friday.
  • Online play for the Switch will be available for free until 2018.

It’ll be interesting to see if the service holds up with the rush of new Splatoon 2 players. Also, will gamers appreciate using their phone for voice chat instead? Time will tell!


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