Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Second DLC “Fallen Ghosts” Release Date Announced

The second DLC for Ubisoft’s open world tactical shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands, has received a release date: for season pass holders, that’s on May 30th and for individual purchases, a week later for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Titled Fallen Ghosts, you’re introduced into a civil war against the Bolivian government after the events of the original story, set against a new enemy. The Los Extranjeros is made up of volunteer mercs, cartel, veterans and all out criminals from surrounding countries, created and hired by La Unidad.

Swarming Bolivia after the fall of the cartel, Los Extranjeros have one major mission; to track and eliminate all American soldiers. The brutal special enemy unit is made up of elite soldiers and therefore different characteristic classes; the first class being the Armoured soldiers, which are equipped with heavy bulletproof plates and prove difficult during close-quarters combat. Jammers are specially equipped with jammer antenna’s on their backpacks giving them the ability to neutralise drones and disable all electronic equipment. Next the Elite Snipers are able to spot targets from long-range distance due to their advance movement detectors, and never miss a shot. Covert Ops are the fourth and final class using cloaking devices making them near invisible, and a powerful crossbow, making stealth a major threat to the Ghosts.

Coming with 15 new missions and starting a new character off at level 30, in turn increasing the level cap to 35, there are three new regions to explore. During these new missions your character will be equipped with all of the main game skills and nine new skills, which you need to unlock. The physical, weapon and drone skills will be essential in taking down the four new bosses found throughout the DLC. Also new to the game will be a variety of new weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles and a crossbow equipped with explosive arrows, sure to help unload mayhem upon the Los Extranjeros.

With difficulty upgrades added, hardcore players will get even more immersed during the advanced and expert settings. For a lavish and ultimate tactical experience, the HUD will be turned off giving players a realistic feel of traversing through the jungles and mountains of Bolivia.

Ghost Recon and open world shooter fans everywhere found the new direction from the Tom Clancy series refreshing and new content keeps bringing the satisfying tactical gunplay. Later this month (or early next month for non-season pass holders) Fallen Ghosts will add plenty of hours onto the successful sandbox shooter.

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