Four big gaming titles launch today (16/5/17)

Today is one of the biggest release days for video games so far in 2017. With two brand new AAA multi-platform releases, an ambitious new exclusive first person shooter/virtual reality game from Sony, and the return of a cult classic Xbox exclusive.

First up, and probably the most anticipated is “Injustice 2.” This 2D fighting game sequel to the well reviewed “Injustice: Gods Among Us” from NetherRealm studios, once again pits DC’s superheros and villains up against each other. Just like the original, “Injustice 2” has launched to great reviews. “Injustice 2” launched today for Xbox One, PS4 and PC with three different versions, starting with the standard edition at $59.99, the digital deluxe version at $79.99 and the ultimate edition for $99.99.

The Surge

Secondly, we have a Souls like game from developers Deck13 called “The Surge.” This is the studios second attempt of making Souls like game, with their first attempt being the painfully average “Lords of the Fallen.” However, Deck13 changed course for “The Surge,” and ditched the medieval fantasy setting of “Lords of the Fallen” and went to the future for a sci-fi fantasy setting. Turns out, the changes Deck13 has made worked for the better as “The Surge” has launched to mostly positive reviews compared to its predecessor. “The Surge” launched today for Xbox One, PS4 for $59.99, and on PC for $49.99.

Thirdly, Sony is releasing their biggest and most ambitious game for the PlayStation VR to date, and that game is “Farpoint.” This comes from developer “Impulse Gear” which is a small game development studio located in San Francisco that specializes on VR titles. “Farpoint” is giant far future sci-fi shooter that is only playable on the PS4 with PS VR, the game looks very innovative and is off to a good start review wise. “Farpoint” launched today for the PS4 with a standard edition for $49.99, and a bundle with an aim controller for $79.99.


Lastly, we have the re-master/re-release of the much delayed “Phantom Dust.” A reboot of this cult classic game was announced at the Xbox press conference at the 2014 E3 convention, only to be scrapped a year after its announcement. Out of the reboot ashes came the HD remaster of the classic 2004 original Xbox game, and this is what launched today. This remaster includes visual updates and additions to the games original campaign.

The best part about this remaster launching is the fact that it costs nothing. Yes, you read that right; the “Phantom Dust” remaster is completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Go fire up your Xbox One and download it!


Which of these four titles are you most excited for? And, which one will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. I haven’t played a computer game since ‘Sim City’, on the SNES.
    But thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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