South Park Trades In Fantasy Role-Playing For Superheroes In ‘The Fractured But Whole’


South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s release is right around the corner but many gamers still sit in the dark when it comes to the storyline. The prequel to Ubisoft’s upcoming release – The Stick of Truth – took players through a fantasy world full of aliens, zombies, and of course, the powerful Stick of Truth. Now players will have a chance to play the superhero role as the New Kid in the next instalment of the South Park RPG series.

With outlandish costumes, skills and abilities, as well as the ever-so-popular over-the-top narrative, the creative team behind South Park are back at it again with their new release quickly approaching. Entering Cartman’s new world of superheroes and villains, you’ll take control of a lowly new kid in a new world of fantasy mayhem, fighting enemy sixth graders and of course, tons of fart stomps.

fractured but whole.png
The cast of South Park will fend off evil in a brand new re-imagined superhero world.

Compared to The Stick of Truth – which harnessed the essence of traditional RPG mechanics combined with the hilariously disturbing and all around provocative dialogue – The Fractured But Whole takes this formula and expands on it immensely. With more of South Park to explore, diving into the lives of residents in the fictional Colorado town looks to become more enduring and exciting than its predecessor.

Highlighting the superhero world, the characters don heroic costumes, equipped with gut-wrenching moves and gross abilities. Players also have the option of choosing a starting superhero class, like the Blaster, Speedster, or the heavy hitting Brutalist, which changes the style of your player’s combat approach. Plenty of other stats, buffs and the powerful Ultimate move is sure to provide players with tons of combinations for intense, and excruciatingly side-splitting combat abilities.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is coming in the wake of the astoundingly successful prequel, The Stick of Truth. The RPG approach to the acclaimed franchise as well as changing the theme of the story from fantasy role-playing to superhero fantasy battles means Ubisoft looks set to devour fans with tons of new content.

The release of The Fractured But Whole is now right around the corner, releasing October 17th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Season Pass for South Park: The Fractured But Whole is full of goodies

The sequel to the South Park RPG, – The Fractured But Whole – is now right around the corner. The new title promises to deliver a ton of content on the base game itself, but the team over at Ubisoft are relentlessly teasing with the unveiling of future DLC releases – all of which will be available separately, or in the South Park Season Pass.

New costume packs, challenges, in-game helpful buddies and brand new stories to follow are all on the horizon after the game’s official release. Here are the takeaways of what the Season Pass will include:


  • Relics of Zaron – This costume pack is included as a free Day One update for all Season Pass owners once the game releases on October 17th. The beloved character Towelie will also be released as a helpful in-game buddy on October 24th.
  • The Danger Deck DLC – Enter Doctor Timothy’s Danger Deck for the ultimate challenge in combat. Unlock new and exclusive costumes and artefacts only found in the Danger Deck DLC, releasing December 2017.
  • From Dusk til Casa Bonita DLC – Introducing an all-new story, team up with the Coon and Mysterion and infiltrate Casa Bonita. Fend off against the demonic presence and unravel the mysteries of the new storyline releasing in 2018.
  • Bring the Crunch DLC – Yet another storyline DLC, not much info has been released at this point, but we do know a new class of superhero will be introduced. This DLC will be releasing in 2018 as well.

Along with the standard edition and the separate Season Pass available for purchase, players may also receive all of the downloadable content within the Gold Edition, which is available for pre-purchase now.

Look for South Park: The Fractured But Whole releasing for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on October 17th. Be sure to take advantage of the Season Pass and the additional content coming through future DLC releases.