Exquisite, Beautifully Casual Platformer, Gris, Release Date Announced For Switch And PC

Step inside a gorgeous handcrafted world as a sombre, lost young girl searching for answers in the surreal adventure game from Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio, Gris.

If this is your first time hearing about the whimsical journey of Gris, check out the reveal trailer from a few months back showing off the serene platformer:

What You’ll Find In The Emotional Journey

Here’s everything you will discover along the emotionally charging journey:

  • This casual approach to platforming will have players exploring a delicately designed world unhampered by frustrating moments and other rage-quit inducing dangers.
  • Along with the fantasy adventure comes subtle instances of platforming, light puzzles and a strong narrative of a depressed young girl guided along by an original musical score.
  • Through the young girl’s dress players are guided along the awe-inspiring adventure. The dress is granted wondrous new abilities as the journey unfolds through the depths of her sorrow.
  • New pathways will appear by using unlocked abilities as Gris grows further pushing her to see her surroundings differently than before.

Gris is nearing its debut on the PC and Switch coming this December 13th, 2018.