Fernz Gate Switch

Old-School Style RPG, Fernz Gate, Now Available For The Switch

The Switch library of old-school turn-based RPGs just got a little heavier with the recent release of Fernz Gate from developers Exe-Create.

Dive into a fantasy world as Alex, an ordinary high-school student dumped into an unordinary situation in the once-peaceful world of Fernland.

Check out the Switch reveal trailer for Fernz Gate below:

Fernz Gate Switch – The Vibrant World Of Fernland

Here are a few key notes about the recently released vintage-style RPG game, Fernz Gate:

  • Players will take on the role of Alex as he drifts away into an unknown world filled with conflict and dangerous foes. After teaming up with Lita – a stranger from a peaceful world similar to Alex’s – they embark on a journey like no other to discover the truths about Fernland.
  • The classic turn-based combat system is simple enough for any RPG newcomer to tackle vigorous enemy battles with confidence and ease.
  • Like most RPG games of this nature, players will discover and recruit new friends and allies to help grow in strength and numbers.
  • Players can use party members not participating in battle scenarios to discover new secrets, as well as upgrade weapons and achieve new skills to open up combat.

Recently only available on mobile platforms, Fernz Gate is now accessible on the Nintendo Switch to help satiate the urge to play on home televisions and, of course, the handheld mode on the Switch.

You can find Fernz Gate at the eShop for Switch purchases, as well as iTunes, Google Play and coming soon to Steam.