Old-school run ‘n gun, Gun Rage, out this summer

Indie developer Denis Galewski has been secretly working on a game for three years. Well, we’re not entirely sure that it was secretly, but this is the first time he’s in a position to show the fruits of his labour.

Gun Rage – Explosions, Gore and Blood

Yes, Gun Rage releases this summer for PC. It’s an old-school, side-scrolling run and gun, or run ‘n gun, as the cool kids say.

Gun Rage
Gun Rage

Inspired by the greats, Contra and Metal Slug, the title takes place in the distant future where you control a smuggler named Axel… wait for it… Gunn. Axel is robbed and nearly killed in a delivery mission, so he decides some revenge is in order:

Gun Rage promises a variety of foes to take down, memorable boss fights, 16-bit graphics and some dark ’80s synthwave music.

You’ll be able to try out Galewski’s debut game on Steam soon, although we don’t have a price yet.

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