Far Cry 5: ‘The Resistance’ Character Trailers

Far Cry 5 has been hovering over the past couple of months with small leaks and rumors keeping the gaming world stern on its toes. With a vague teaser released earlier this week further confirming the next installment in the series, today Ubisoft came through and knocked fans off their feet with five lengthy trailers to soothe our taste buds a bit more. The release trailer has been making its rounds on the internet everywhere but more importantly there are three protagonist trailers sending more chills down our eager spines.


The first of the three character trailers is the pilot Nick Rye. With Ubisoft stating the new Far Cry world will feature free exploration in lands, waters and skies, expect this pilot to make a demanding presence throughout the campaign. With a heavily militarized past and a son of his own on the way, Nick leaves everything on the table to fight for his family and their freedom.

Next is the foul-mouthed local bartender, Mary May. Speaking of rich memories of her past and where her future is headed with the current religious reign, she vows to take back what’s hers. With an arsenal of molotov cocktails ready behind the bar, it’s safe to say Mary May is not a local to be taken lightly.

Not all in the community practicing religion are lost in the way of the cult. Stricken by the falsehoods of the Father Joseph and his religious family, Pastor Jerome Jeffries realizes it’s too late to act as savior and deal with this problem himself.

An eccentric cast of characters is looming around the Far Cry 5 name, from cooperative AI to the charismatic cult leader villain Joseph and his “children”, the outlandish tone of the series continues to deepen. Hope County is full of colorful residents who will come together by your hand to form the Resistance, a rebel group squaring off against the controlling cult family.

Liberating the community of Hope County will be no easy task but on the way you’ll encounter a variety of vehicles ranging from American muscles and big rigs to ATVs, boats and even planes to engage in aerial dogfights against cult forces. The open skies isn’t something particularly new to the Far Cry franchise but open air combat throughout Big Sky Country is bringing a new epic direction of taking on opposing forces. Along the way you’ll meet a few prominent characters to help take back Hope County and knock off the brain-washed, religiously entrenched cult.


Far Cry 5 will take the player and put them in control of a junior deputy set in Hope County, Montana, a fictional setting cut-off from the world and overrun by a fanatical religious cult named Eden’s Gate. With new co-op gameplay, a wide variety of customizable weapons and vehicles, recruiting Guns for Hire from a large cast of characters as well as the all-new animal allegiance Fangs for Hire, Far Cry 5 is set to raise the bar on their own franchise with yet another memorable villain and cast.

Look for more on Far Cry 5 up until its release coming Feburary 27th 2018 on PlayStation 4/Pro, Xbox One/Scorpio and PC.

Far Cry 5 reveal trailer, what did it tell us?

We knew that Far Cry 5 was coming out and we knew it was going to be set in Montana. Now, after the release of the reveal trailer, we can confirm some more details.

Judging by the glimpses of character and thanks to the voice-over we can expect the game’s story to focus on a fanatical religious cult taking over a part of rural America. The Seed Family, as they’re known, seem happy to brand people sinners and don’t shy away from delivering their own unique form of justice and retribution, which is shown by the number of bodies glimpsed within the trailer.

Whilst I’m excited by the new location and theme, it’s fair to say that previous Far Cry games had these too. Amazing locations and some great main villains – only for the game itself to not take advantage of this and it just descended something that was more ‘fun’ than ‘meaningful’.

Other bits of info we can gather from the trailer include the return of violent animals. If you enjoyed being clawed at by honey badgers in previous Far Cry games, it now looks like you’ll need to be cautious of more familiar animals like cows. To be fair, there is a shot of a bear chasing down a petrified man, so it looks like Far Cry 5 will still have you fighting the elements just as much previous entries.

You’re not on your own, however, as Far Cry 5 has previously made hints at the more friendly faces you’ll encounter too. With an ally system, Far Cry 5 will give you AI assistants throughout the game and also offers a co-op mode too. There was also some mention of the map-maker feature returning but I can honestly say I’ve never made a Far Cry map in my life. So for what it’s worth, I have no interest in that.

Ubisoft sums it all up by saying;

“Freely explore Hope County’s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming.”

Sold? If you are you’ll have to wait until February 2018 when the game launches for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.